City Hall's administration can be reduced from three employees to two. State statutes require that a city have a clerk and a treasurer (although the two jobs may be combined). These are the only jobs a city must have by law.

The clerk's main statutory duties are to give council-approved bills to the treasurer, be the bookkeeper for the city (now mostly done by computer), keep the council records, and any other duties as directed by the council.

The treasurer's main statutory duties are to collect the city's money and keep it safe, pay the bills provided by the clerk, and provide the council and the state with necessary reports.

A lot of the clerk and treasurer duties are already delegated to the city's accountant position.

These are the core functions of Spring Grove's administration. In a town of 1,300, the duties of clerk and treasurer cover what needs to be done.

Direction and training of these jobs come from the state auditor's office, the city's auditing firm, the League of Minnesota Cities, and so on.

The city does not need to pay someone to be on the county's airport commission, go to Southeast Minnesota Historic Bluff Country meetings, attend seminars in Iowa, etc.

The council should respond to the Concerned Citizens' petition and restructure city administration to only two employees.

Nancy Nelson

Spring Grove