At the Jan. 8 council meeting, there was a lot of "smoke-blowing" by some. The "smoke" they were blowing was untrue. So, here is the truth.

1) By law, the mayor and clerk/treasurer sign the checks that have been prepared by the clerk/treasurer.

By law, the city council is supposed to approve the bills before the clerk/treasurer and the mayor pay them. Even though it's the law, for the past eight years the administrator has approved the bills, not the council.

It is the current "plan" to follow the law.

2) Some 286 Spring Grove voters signed a petition to eliminate the position of the city administrator. The new council members determined to do this at the first meeting.

No surprises there and no violation of the open meeting laws. Duane Olerud and I tried to do this some six years ago.

3) The Legislature determines the functions of the council and the mayor. The Legislature gave the mayor the exclusive authority to appoint the members of the library board and the EDA.

4) The Legislature gives the council the full authority to "run" the city. Taking an active role in running the city does not make the council members department heads.

Nancy Nelson

Council member/

deputy mayor

Spring Grove