Families For Education (F.F.E.) is in need of your help! For those not familiar with Families For Education, we are the group that was created by families of K-6 kids in Spring Grove.

The goal of F.F.E. is to support our local school and specifically the K-6 teachers by providing grants to be used for non-budgeted items and funds for field trips and school supplies to be provided to children that may not have them.

We are the group that has brought the circus to town, Minute to Win It, run the inflatable and other children's games during Syttende Mai, provided a meal to the teachers and staff of the school during parent-teacher conferences, and recently donated $2,500 to the Spring Grove School towards the playground.

So why, you ask, am I pointing this out? Because, we need your help if you wish to see these events continue.

The core board members have been with the group from the beginning. We have ran every event, attending every meeting, and are at a point where we need new blood in the group.

Some of the existing board members no longer have children in the K-6 range and wish to adjust their time in support of other programs aimed at their children.

Others are at a point where they just need a break from the board, but are still willing to assist and support the organization's events.

So our request is a simple one, yet a desperate request! We need to have at least three members from the community step up and get involved in F.F.E., or to be perfectly honest, we will have no choice but to close out the Families For Education group and disperse the funds currently in the account as we see fit.

The board meets one day a month on average, so it does not require a great deal of time. The ideal board member is a parent or grandparent who has a child in K-6, but anyone interested in helping keep this group alive is encouraged to attend.

The decision as to the future of FFE will be determined at our next meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 28.

If you want to see this group and the programs we provide the area continue, please call (507) 498-3610 before that date and plan on attending.

Robert Gross, Vice-President

Families For Education

Spring Grove