The fourth-annual food drive is over; the results are in. The Spring Grove community is the winner!

You, the people of Spring Grove, came to your neighbor's aid once again.

The events hosted by the Spring Grove Student Council were met with enthusiasm and smiles.

Our community dug into their pockets and pantries once again, and the outpouring was heartwarming.

You donated food and funds that provided 7,860 pounds of food for our local Houston County Food Shelf.

Once again everyone helped out, Red Longmire and his crew cooked two delicious meals for our biggest fundraisers; Kathy Roverud, Dean Ellingson and David Eiken who helped haul food; and the student council that worked endless hours.

Laurie Moen and the Spring Grove elementary students boxed, weighed and collected 1,787 pounds of food. That total astounds me.

As I helped to unload the booty at the food shelf, my eyes welled with tears at the site. People gave even when they were in need themselves. The usually scant shelves are now overflowing.

Thanksgiving and the holidays are just around the corner, and it is a testament to the caring people of Spring Grove that everyone in our community will have a chance to celebrate.

I for one am proud to call Spring Grove...HOME!

Renee Eiken

Spring Grove