In addition to Gov. Dayton's budget plan to grow government with added sales, business-to-business and income taxes, Democrats are working to implement a state-run healthcare insurance "exchange" by implementing Obamacare in Minnesota.

This will fundamentally transform our healthcare system in Minnesota and create a healthcare bureaucracy that puts our state government between your doctor and you.

It's expected that 1.3 million individuals and small business employees (about quarter of all Minnesotans) will purchase insurance through this internet portal starting this October.

The health insurance exchange legislation is a bad deal for Minnesotans.

First of all, health insurance costs will go up. Several reports show that insurance will cost more- and this is unacceptable.

Secondly, it isn't certain you'll be able to keep your doctor because not all health plans will be allowed to participate - and compete for your business - in the exchange.

Lastly, an alarming amount of personal information will be shared with the government and IRS.

Minnesotans have the best healthcare in the nation. We deserve a real insurance market that doesn't cost people more and gives participants choices with real competition, instead of the Democrats' plan to limit options for consumers.

It should help families keep their doctor, protect patient privacy and is governed in a way that protects and empowers those participating to make their own choices.

Sen. Michelle Benson

(R-Ham Lake)

Assistant Republican Leader, Minnesota State Senate