The city council says much of the Main Street project improvements are the result of safety issues.

The water main is only a four-inch main (not enough for fire protection, it has been said). The Main Street water main is looped, so if you were drawing water from one or two hydrants, you would be pulling water from two directions, resulting in more than just a four-inch main.

If there was a fire in the business district, the fire department would probably hook up on the east end of the park, where there is a 10-inch main.

I don't think this part of the project is necessary.

As far as bump outs for pedestrian safety by South Division Avenue (Legion, Ivy Grove, etc.), I go through this intersection many times a day. Very seldom do I have to wait more than a few seconds.

There is just not that much traffic. If people are not comfortable with this intersection, they have the option to go another way.

If they are serious about safety, move the handicapped space by Ivy Grove west 1-1/2 or 2 spaces and you can see all the way to Kwik Trip from Division Avenue. Cars would be able to see pedestrians better, too.

By the Legion, limit parking to cars or compact cars, no trucks or SUVs. Visibility would be greatly improved.

These changes could be implemented right now at the cost of a couple of signs and some paint.

I don't think we can afford this project as proposed. This is a small town with a limited customer base.

We have tried to beautify Main Street before with little or no increase in business. Raising taxes, electric rates and fees will only drive people and business away.

We have to keep Spring Grove a great little town.

Please comment in the paper if you think I am off base on this or if you have ideas. Your voice needs to be heard now.

Dean Ellingson

business owner and

former fire chief

Spring Grove