Five local not-for-profit organizations in Spring Grove will use a try this year on Give to the Max Day, Nov. 14.  The groups are Bluff Country Artists Gallery, Friends of the Library, Giants of the Earth Heritage Center, Spring Grove Public Schools and Ye Olde Opera House. Each group has a large membership following who look for specific projects to support. Give to the Max Day gives them this chance. Each group identified projects for this year's giving.

Bluff Country Artists Gallery wishes to make their studio lighting more energy efficient by purchasing LED bulbs. They also list sponsorship needs to teach classes for young and old alike and provide support local artists.

Friends of the Library support the Spring Grove Public Library. They list improving computer access to Spring Grove, financing author visits, child and adult reading programs, sponsoring foreign films at the Spring Grove Cinema, and acquiring quality books for the shelves.

Giants of the Earth Heritage Center lists five projects to foster the local heritage of Spring Grove. The projects include restoration of the exterior of the Ballard House to it 19th Century design, sponsorship of Norwegian Ridge Language Camp, support for filming of local and family histories, creation of exhibits telling the story of Spring Grove, and the creation of a sculpture garden that will honor the life and works of Sigmund Aarseth.

Spring Grove Public Schools targeted organizing the alumni organization of Spring Grove. A number of Spring Grove graduates have asked that an organization form to assist the district and the Spring Grove community. Donations will go to implement their efforts.

Ye Olde Opera House is a foundation for the arts in the Spring Grove area during the last 35 years. This years efforts go to sprucing up the interior and exterior of the building on Main Street. Exterior and interior painting has begun with electrical needs and general upkeep noted as needing assistance as well. and allow donors to contribute to take advantage of local, state and nation-wide incentives for the nonprofits of Minnesota. Give to the Max Day offers matching donations and incentives to make donations grow and in some cases even double. The public should search each group's listings for more information about projects and incentives. A general search for the Spring Grove zip code will help the public to find the right fit for them. Also this year a number of donations can be made on a single credit card action, simply add the amounts desired to your basket and pay for them all at once.

Nonprofits are the lifeblood of communities like Spring Grove and they thank you for your continued support.