In response to a member of the EDA at the Sept. 4 council meeting, his reflection was [my interpretation] that if we didn't go along with the infrastructure/sewer/water/utilities/amenities that we could just as well give our tax money to the council and let them go to Vegas with it!

Now we all know that Vegas is not a sure thing, which could lead us to believe that with the infrastructure/amenities mentioned above, that the dollars invested will give us a sure thing on Hwy. 44 & Main Street going through Spring Grove.

No more digging up the street to make repairs, patch blacktopping all over, etc. I bet within one year or sooner, you will see areas of our nice new 44/Main Street dug-up for some type of problems that are sure to come about with all the new water and sewer installation.

I believe at this point in time, I would rather put my money on the originally installed sewer and water utilities.

The quality of material and workmanship was superior back then, and I would be apprehensive about the so-called pipe linings and components manufactured and installed today.

Even the backfilling and compacting around all the new infrastructure will not be done as well as the original installation. In earlier days, time was taken for settling and compacting the soil for a solid base structure. Today hurry, hurry, hurry is the mindset to meet time limits placed upon a project.

Don't try to fix something that isn't broke. If your water or sewer pipes in your home were not causing a problem no matter their age, you would not replace them until they leaked!!

Spring Grove residents can put this project ON HOLD! Vote Nov. 6 to make a change in city government! Three NEW people elected to our city government would take office in Jan. of 2013, and they could decide to ask for more time and stop this project in order to reconsider the financial burden placed upon the taxpayers.

Could this mean a referendum vote? Maybe? The Department of Transportation (MnDOT) will not be sending out bids to the contractors until February 2013. This should allow enough time for re-evaluation.

Dick Lilla

Spring Grove resident