In the Spring Grove Herald, Feb. 27, councilmember Nancy Nelson said, "I do not care what the other communities are doing; we just care about Spring Grove."

The new city council should take a look at other communities and care! Other small communities are standing still. Spring Grove has been a forward moving progressive community for many years.

Look at everything it has going for it - state-of-the-art communication service, a movie theater, a library, a beautiful park system, an art gallery, a superior school system, a historical society, several community events and celebrations, a Fest Building for all sizes of functions, several restaurants, bars, convenience stores, several nitch businesses including its own soda pop, organizations for all ages, a SWIM Center and a grocery store that rivals those found in larger cities.

If you look at other surrounding communities of this size, you will see empty storefronts, a lack of industry, no school system because they have been forced to consolidate, and businesses in dire need of repair or upgrades.

Those communities can't afford this, because they have no one to purchase their products since people have moved out of the community because there is no school or industry to give them a job.

Do you see where I'm going with this? It is a vicious cycle. Oh, and by the way, their taxes didn't go down, if anything they went up because there are no businesses and fewer people left to supplement the tax base.

For the past 15 to 20 years that we have been visiting Spring Grove, we have been impressed by the city and business leadership that embraces forward movement instead of the status quo.

This is why this community has thrived, and it is the kind of town that you would like to raise a family in or retire in.

Mayor Bruce Poole and councilmember Nancy Nelson need to put the city's needs first. And councilmember Rachel Olerud needs to quit hiding behind Nancy Nelson's skirts.

As long as Nelson has been involved in city politics, she has tried to squash progress in the name of saving a dollar.

The truth is, we as taxpayers expect our money to go for improvements and maintenance of our city systems in the most cost effective manner possible.

Making these necessary updates to the sewer and water systems, sidewalks and some beautification now when the road is going to be torn up anyway is the only solution.

It is the least costly time to do it for the city and the businesses who will be inconvenienced during the construction.

Rehashing everything the previous administration has done to get to this point is a frivolous expenditure that the taxpayers don't need.

You were elected to make sound decisions to maintain, improve and support the city of Spring Grove, "and yes, this council needs to also strongly consider what would be best for future generations...including their children and grandchildren."

To do an effective job you have to spend money. Spend it wisely without stalling progress.

Barb Nigon