Houston. We have a problem. If I could draw, I would pencil out this picture....

There would be a mountain of money with a man standing on top of it who is smoking a big cigar. He would be directing big dump trucks filled with cash that are dumping ever more money on top of his pile.

Off to the side would be another man, obviously down on his luck, standing and collecting a small amount of cash into his hand.

There would be a big crowd of people not even seeing the rich man and his pile of money but focused angrily on the poor man and his pittance, hollering, "Get a job, you free loader! You are killing this country!"

It is time to turn around and look at the man sitting on the pile of money. He is killing this country. He is not a patriot. He is not a man of god.

His god is money and power, and he will do anything to anyone to acquire more of each. Stop admiring these people and aspiring to be them. They are the lesser of us!

Joanne Griffin

Spring Grove