The MN State Senate Employee Relations Committee is scheduled to meet this Thursday to finalize action on contracts with state employees.

Both major unions representing state employees, MAPE and AFSCME have been working without wage increases for three years.

They worked out terms for a new contract with Gov. Dayton that allows for a 2 percent across the board wage increase, and allows some newer employees to get more through annual "step" increases.

Workers did agree to increase their health insurance co-pays and deductibles as well as co-insurance amounts under the new contract.

It is expected that the Republican majority will vote this contract down when the committee meets, as too extravagant.

There is another group that the Republicans are willing to support however.

The Star Tribune recently reported that median total pay for the 100 top paid CEOs in Minnesota rose 26 percent in 2011 to $1.19 million.

They won't have to worry about paying any tax increase on their larger salaries, the Republicans flatly refused to even think about the small increase in state income tax for the top-tax bracket that Gov. Dayton proposed last year.

No, let's make 27,700 hard working state employees go without a raise for four years, and make schools borrow money to pay their bills, and take funding that helps pay for fire and police protection from cities across the state, all so these upper-income folks won't have to pay a couple percent more in taxes on their steadily increasing wealth.

Even though, they already pay a lower percentage in state taxes than those state employees that actually work to earn a living!

If that doesn't make sense to you, you could actually change it. Support Gov. Dayton by voting for Democratic legislators that will support his tax plan and bring some logic, as well as Minnesota nice, back to our state legislature.

William Harris