It started the morning of Feb. 23. Based upon requests by members of the Concerned Citizens Group, an e-mail was sent to City Hall.

The request was made that the March 20 public hearing on Property Tax Abatement be moved to the Fest Building.

This is because more than 60 people wanted to attend, and several people must use walkers and canes, so it is easier to access the Fest Building from their cars.

City Hall said, "No" to this request even though the meeting was a month away.

Then we asked when the Abatement Resolution (referenced in the hearing notice) would available for review? City Hall stated that this information was provided to the Spring Grove Herald on Feb. 29.

The Herald was called, and they stated that the information for the March 20 meeting was identified to be on file at City Hall.

City Hall was asked for a copy of the items on file. The copy provided stated the following tax parcels are proposed to be included in the tax abatement:

All Taxable Single Family Residential Homestead Properties within Corporate Limits (Not Located in TIF Districts). Please refer to the Abatement Resolution for complete listing of tax parcel identification numbers.

Copies of the Abatement Resolution as proposed to be adopted will be on file and available for public inspection at the office of the city clerk at City Hall.

However, when we asked to see the Abatement Resolution, we were told it was not yet available.

Now on March 1, the newsletter from City Hall was mailed out, and it stated that the public hearing on the tax abatement financing will be held Tuesday, March 6.

Alas, poor citizen, is the meeting on March 6 or March 20 and when will the Abatement Resolution be available for review?

Well, so goes discussions with our mythomaniac City Hall.

Bruce Poole

Concerned Citizen Group

of Spring Grove