I am wondering if the Spring Grove Herald is having trouble with its subscriptions?

Or maybe, it is trying to follow the lead of other news outlets that feel that negative news is better than positive? Or is sensationalism just the mode of the day?

Could the newspaper not realize that they are inadvertently subverting people whose opinions they don't agree with?

I was thoroughly frustrated to read the recent headline "Main Street Project nearly $300,000 over budget". This is not only a sensational title - it is false! And, it is on the front page, in bold, while any amendments to it will be buried in the paper in future editions.

This is particularly disheartening, because there are many people who only get their news of Spring Grove in the paper - and if you read the Spring Grove Herald you would easily conclude that our town is falling apart fast!

There are other examples of Herald news with a negative spin. An editorial by the Aquatic Center manager pointed out that while the pool attendance and revenue are increasing, these facts are not reported. This leads residents who don't use the pool to conclude that it is a waste of money, not a community asset.

Another person in our community who works for the county was portrayed poorly in the Herald, while in the Caledonia Argus is described as a competent and hardworking person.

So, is it any wonder that the last election was a complete turnover when the Herald misrepresented the last council and the Main Street Project time after time?

In fact, people commented after the election, when they realized the truth about the project that they wish they had been correctly informed all along.

The truth is that the Main Street Project bids were higher than anticipated, but still lower than our budget. A person has to get to page 6 in the lower corner before this fact is presented.

Yes, this decreases our contingency fund portion of the budget; and yes, it could mean hard decisions before it is all over. But, it is completely irresponsible news reporting to put this in the worst possible and false terms on the front page.

The paper needs to educate and not be a biased source of news!

Patty Storlie

Spring Grove