What part of "People don't have the money!" doesn't the present city government body understand?

Many people in Spring Grove do not have the money for the property tax and utility increases that have been proposed. Skyrocketing utility bills are of great concern for many fixed-income folks.

The attendance of standing room only at several council meetings should be a very strong indication that the public is not happy with the direction that the council is taking on the construction project of Highway 44/Main St.

Where in the history of Spring Grove has there been such contempt and vocal responses at council meetings?

The actual price tag for the taxpayers of Spring Grove will not be finalized until after the project has been completed. This is unacceptable! But, we do know this - the cost for the fancy lights, colored sidewalks and posy baskets would be $883,550. That would amount to over $44,000 of interest every year for 20 years.

Now I contend that the folks that want this beautification process to take place should volunteer to contribute to this fund. It would take approximately 44 people to contribute $1,000 or more each year for only 20 years to help pay for this part of the project.

Any volunteers?

We wouldn't want pledges, as we know what happened on the pool pledges.

Other cost-cutting solutions would be to slash local government expenses! Volunteer library people, no contributions supporting community festivals and committees, cutting employees and their benefits for health plans, demanding repayment of interfund loans, etc.

I'm sure there would be other suggestions that could be applicable. It is apparent that drastic measures would need to be taken.

With all the adversity looming, I commend the folks that are running for city offices in the upcoming Nov. 6 election. They have the desire to rectify the immense expenses potentially placed upon the taxpaying citizens of Spring Grove.

The salaried employees, nonpaying and non-residents who pay no property taxes should feel gratitude towards certain city candidates who are running for mayor and council offices. They should compliment them in their efforts to make a difference in the possibility of sustaining a viable, inseparable, pleasurable and affordable community!

Carol A. Lilla

Spring Grove