Politics is a negative business and this negativity is alive where the Main Street project is concerned, which I think is needed, timely and good for our community.

I have heard from the candidates all the things that they don't want. They don't want to spend any money, they don't like the pool, they don't want to fund the library or city hall employees. Let's hear some positive comments!

What do you like about Spring Grove? I want to hear how you propose to grow our community so that there are more jobs. How will you recruit companies to start a new business? What are your plans to save money for future street repairs needed in 10 to 15 years?

How will you keep attendance up at the pool or keep our festivals strong? What are your plans to keep and recruit families into the school district?

What? You don't want any jobs or new residents? As a new resident who will be paying taxes here for the next several decades, I don't agree.

Jobs in town mean more families can juggle all that is involved with kids and careers. How easy do you think it is to pick up a sick kid from school when one spouse works in La Crosse and the other in Preston?

Or, where do you think working families get their groceries or prescriptions? Likely the store closest to their commute.

Some neighboring towns do not have a hardware store, a grocery store or a pharmacy. We have to support these things!

Until a recent council meeting, I had never seen some of these candidates. I have never met them at a school function, have not seen them at a play or a sporting event, have never met them at church or at Red's IGA or at the library. I have never seen them swimming at the pool with their kids or grandkids.

So, that is part of my candidate questions - what aspects of civic life are you involved in and what do you value about Spring Grove that makes a community strong?

Do you shop in town as much as possible or do you prefer a Super Walmart? How do you intend to keep Spring Grove businesses thriving? How about the amazing arts and culture that makes Spring Grove unique?

I truly want answers and responses to these questions published in the paper before Election Day!

The amount of money we are talking about amounts to an additional cable bill per year in property taxes and a visit from the Schwann's man in monthly utility increases.

I am happy to put some of my extra dollars into the community pot to make Spring Grove a better place, and I have spoken to others who are willing also.

I will not vote for the negative candidate(s) who want Spring Grove to slowly die, but will support those who want to see Spring Grove as a lovely place to live in the future.

Patty Storlie

Spring Grove