For me, even since I was a young child, visiting Spring Grove brought to mind a quaint and warm town and fun!

Today as an adult, I still see and feel that everywhere! From the lit up welcome signs and flags, to the decorated storefronts, the theater, a "stellar" pool, to the way this town is manicured and loved.

Let's not forget the city park during the holidays; it makes me feel like a mesmerized kid again, with a warm happy feeling in my heart at Christmas. And it just keeps getting better!

I know from "listening" that Spring Grove is looking at "big" updates, improvements and repairs. It sounds like these plans are creating a "rift" of discontent between the citizens.

Look at what you have Spring Grove! You have a city that a "river" (Highway 44) runs through! This "river" brings you people, and people help you thrive.

People support your theater, your cafes and restaurants, your gas stations or quaint shops. A city like yours, thanks in part to your "river," needs to be nurtured and INVESTED IN especially because of all the demands (in traffic and growth) made on it.

Improvements must be made in order for any city to continue to grow, progress and thrive. You need to BE INFORMED! Get the facts for yourself. Don't allow yourselves to be misinformed by the "small few" who mislead, bully or create "rot."

You must STAND UNITED for your SPECTACULAR city to stay that way!

I live on the outskirts of a county seat. Our "river" runs around us, the people don't come in. Small businesses don't survive, and we don't have half of what you have.

My hat goes off to your good future in having a "true town backer" (J.C. Nerstad). If you don't know what he's done and does for this city you should look into it!

I also applaud your city maintenance crew - Paul, John, Gary and Greg. These guys physically manicure this city. To them, it's personal and a price thing.

Kudos to the city staff and current city council who support them and so much more, and to all the small business owners.

You all make Spring Grove a place that people want to visit. Your love and concern for this city are evident!

Good luck with your progress, growth and united front! I wish we had what you have!

On the outside looking in....

Deb Dols

Bristol Center