It sure is nice to hear from someone outside the community with an opinion about how the city is to be run.

Excuse me, if I have failed to hear about your large donation to the city. Your concern has me wondering whom you might be related to.

I would agree with you on one thing - spending wisely!!! That is the problem. Beautification is a BIG issue. Questionable, whether it is needed, the long-term costs and where is the benefit for the taxpayer? Or is it only benefiting storeowners at taxpayers' expense.

The Main Street project has been known for 10 years - no surprise!! Was it poor planning, too many wants or just priorities in the wrong order?

Progress and passion are used a lot around the Grove, but it is unbelievable how many forgot about what is affordable for taxpayers. There have been tax increases the past 5 to 6 years, almost every year.

I believe you could say a lot of dumb spending, not wise spending, has been done over those years. Look back, taxes have not gone down.

Where in this economy is it justified to keep on spending, when Minnesota cut LGA (local government aid) payments and funding for schools because of state budgets being cut?

I think it would be appropriate for cities to scale back instead of raising taxes.

It would be nice to keep spending, but unfortunately we all have to live within our means.

Why do you suppose there is a new council? Maybe, the majority felt a need for change?

Let's not forget elected officials are responsible for what is best for the whole community, not just a few.

We all are well aware of what we have. Definitely, it has nothing to do with the new council.

Barb, you are certainly entitled to your opinion. But you need to think about what you are saying. And be sure you get all the facts straight.

Most importantly, do not forget to send money to Spring Grove as it needs it.

Oh, by the way, Nancy Nelson informed me she has not worn skirts in years.

Duane Olerud

Spring Grove