The Main Street project has finally gotten underway. Over the last year and a half, the Spring Grove EDA and the previous city council did their best to prepare Spring Grove businesses and citizens for what could be a tough construction season.

Last Wednesday, MnDOT and Mathy Construction held an open house to explain the project, and the detour routes that would be used during each phrase of the construction. For whatever reason not many people attended.

Now that detour signs are up and drivers try to wind their way through the city, some residents of streets affected by the detour are perplexed that the city council didn't warn them of heavy increases of traffic.

Maybe instead of some council members trying to micro-manage the Main Street project, your time would have been better spent communicating with the citizens of Spring Grove.

Meeting with the residents affected by the detour, even meeting individually with those affected by the increase of traffic or at the very least, a letter informing them of what to expect would have been helpful.

I would suggest a couple of things - reduce the speed limit on detour streets to 25 mph and advise the police department to heavily patrol those affected streets.

It is not going to be a pleasant summer for those living on the detour routes, and the lack of leadership by the city council is increasing the anxiety level of those citizens.

Also, where is the leadership dealing with the mess in the SW Alley? I know it is a difficult situation to deal with, as a previous city council member who tried to get more parking and less junk, only to be bullied and receive hate mail over it.

With no parking on Main Street, we need every available parking spot in the alley. My message to the Spring Grove City Council, let's show some leadership.

Steve Kemp

Spring Grove