At the last city council meeting, the council voted to purchase 30 hanging flower baskets, cared for by the city employees.

The local garden club (Buds and Blossoms) has been providing this service for several years, and it is a lovely addition to Main Street.

Some years ago, the city had 75 baskets lining the entire length of Main Street and down S. Division Avenue to the post office.

I am curious as to why the council is purchasing the 30 baskets this year from a St. Paul greenhouse without even asking if a local business could or is interested in supplying this product?

Spring Grove has a garden shop called Blooming Business owned and operated by local resident Kathleen Roverud.

Kathy has been in this business for 15 years and is a very generous contributor to Spring Grove in many ways.

If the administrator and council wonder why a citizens group was recently formed that questions the way they (the council) operate, perhaps this is a good example.

A concerned citizen and former Spring Grove City business owner.

Marilyn Hillman

Spring Grove