We as concerned citizens need to attend the Houston County Commissioners' meeting in La Crescent on March 19.

Shipping a bulky commodity like sand and potentially impacting our water supply is bad enough. How much worse to send our sand thousands of miles at great cost to be then mixed with "proprietary" chemicals (including benzene) and blasted into the earth to liberate yet more carbon energy?

The EPA has known for more than a year the damage done to wells in Pavillion, Wyo., as a result of nearby fracking. Same results, plus earthquakes are turning up in Ohio and elsewhere over the Marcellius formation. This is the newly minted natural gas industry?

This unholy technology is the creation of Halliburton Corp. - the original no-bid federal contractor. This heartless industry requested, and got, a dispensation from prosecution for water violations using this technique!

How absurd and pre-meditated is their criminality? How legitimate is our federal government for acceding to this stealth slaughter of it's populace?

How is it that corporations can claim "proprietary rights" when at risk are life sustaining water needs for REAL people? (See www.Movetoamend.org)

This happened in the BP Gulf crime and continues with Diebold playing election kingmaker because of their "proprietary" codes.

We don't need quick election results...we need accurate results. Hand counted was good enough for my forefathers.

We can and must do better than the heroic and tragic spectacle of fracking. Solar photovoltaic electricity is growing by leaps and bounds. We now have two manufacturing plants in Minnesota - one in the Twin Cities and the other on the Iron Range.

The solar resource is here, how about the will? This is at least a 30-year investment in electricity, no? Local jobs for local installers; job training for lifetime careers.

Utilize prison populations where possible, to power their own dwellings and learn a life trade; same opportunities for heating domestic hot water. Sun or better still - sun PLUS wood.

We need to slow our life pace to match the sun's daily blessings. It appears to be an energy equation we dare not violate. Doing so puts us and our descendants in great peril.

On Monday, March 19 let our county leaders know you choose life.

Brian Lavelle

Black Hammer