The two letters in last week's Herald by Judy Stiner and Dean Ellingson were excellent.

All taxpaying citizens of Spring Grove should be wary of the grandiose plans to beautify Spring Grove's Main Street.

The mission of local government should be to preserve the infrastructure that we all depend on to enjoy a civilized life and then jealously guard the public's money.

One point in Judy's letter in particular caught my attention. Why doesn't the city government know how much this will impact the taxpayers of our community?

On a project of this size they should know. If they don't, then they are incompetent. If they do know then they are not telling us the truth.

Either way, it proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that they do not deserve re-election this November.

If the plan goes through as the current city government envisions it, we will find out how much it did cost, in the tax bills that are sent to us and in the checks we will all have to write to cover them.

Anyone who cares about unnecessary spending and voted for any of them in the last election should be bitterly disappointed.

Dean M. Johnson

Spring Grove