Last week, council woman-elect Nelson outlined her understanding of the Main St. Project and spoke on behalf of many businesses and institutions.

Ms. Nelson, please get the facts straight as you transition into your role of representing the ENTIRE population of our town.

Also, are you a delegate, board member or PR person for Trinity Church? Or the school? Or Kwik Trip?

Interesting that you so confidently summarize their opinion of this matter!

If you would have ever taken up Mayor Solum's offers to come to city hall and actually look at the plans, figures and FACTS - then you wouldn't have to make all of these ridiculous statements.

How is your inability to rationalize and validate any of the work done thus far on the road project going to best serve our community?

Perhaps you just don't want to hear and accept the fact that the current council, volunteers and professionals - who have spent so much of their time pouring over how to sculpt this project into a presentable and affordable package - have in reality done a good job to keep costs down and pave the way for a safer future.

I implore you to take a good, hard look at the construction plans, and start trusting that the information coming from the technical team, the council, WHKS, Mike Bubany and our MnDOT team is not designed to disenfranchise our townspeople!

On the contrary, maybe when aware of the facts, you will understand that this highway project is in everybody's best interest - especially before the "free" money disappears, the interest rates sky-rocket, and we see continued flooding of businesses or people hurt from falls on our sidewalks.

I just hope and pray that your and Bruce Poole's campaign against the current council, our plans, and ultimately our city's reputation through this paper, the Rochester Post-Bulletin and KTTC news doesn't ruin our partnership with MnDOT. We deserve better than that, and you know it!

People of Spring Grove - we must be vigilant about seeking out facts and truth and act with goodwill, common sense and positivity for our future! We need incoming leaders who exemplify our pride in this city!

Our wonderful assets for well-rounded, life-cycle living, future commerce and population growth depend upon a strong infrastructure!

Please demand the same value from your newly elected officials as you have received for the past term!

Most importantly, ask that your voice be represented by our new leaders Nelson, Poole and Olerud.

I am coming to the table at Tuesday night's meeting with an open mind, willing to even re-examine the irrigation plans.

Will that same cooperative spirit be shown by you, Ms. Nelson? Or by Mr. Poole?

Rachel Storlie

City councilmember

Spring Grove