Say what you will about "Obamacare," and there are definitely things I wish were different, but there is one overwhelmingly, positive effect this program will have.

It gives a person independence and freedom from keeping a dead end job just because they need the insurance it offers. Just sit back now and watch what Americans do best, and that is innovate.

It has already started, and the major opponents of the "Affordable Health Care Act," are witnessing what they feared most. People are leaving their jobs, starting their own small companies, and putting their ideas to work. College grads no longer have to take any job just to get insurance. They can work in the field they love and were trained for even if it can't offer them health care. The possibilities are now endless.

There was another government program that got off to a rocky start, was plagued with problems and was predicted to fail miserably. It was called Social Security.

Joanne Griffin

Spring Grove