Should Minnesota voters be required to show a state-issued photo ID with their current address on Election Day?  NO. Expensive: State-issued IDs and provisional ballots, plus labor, would cost millions of dollars Minnesota doesn't have.

Needless:  We already sign an affidavit of eligibility before voting each Election Day.  Minnesota has 0 percent documented voter fraud.

According to the non-partisan League of Women Voters, 11 percent of eligible Minnesotans do not have state-issued ID showing their current address.  Many would face barriers of money, transportation and sufficient time to obtain a copy of their birth certificate to apply for the "free" ID.

This proposed constitutional amendment would limit voting by many who are elderly, non-drivers, adoptees, returning soldiers who do not have permanent housing, and college students and others who move before Election Day.

Voting is our constitutional right.  Obstacles to voting lower essential participation in democracy.  Vote kNOwVEMBER.

Bonita A. Underbakke