Now that another election season has come and gone in Spring Grove, the town is settling into its new future.

The election results for the Spring Grove City Council and mayoral races show that the public wants to see change, not a little but MAJOR changes, electing a majority to carry out that change!

Now the question everyone is asking, "What will happen with the Main Street project? Will we get the change we want?"

That depends upon our current council. The outgoing mayor and council members face a choice, do they really care about Spring Grove as much as they said during the campaign? Will they put their personal differences aside and finally listen to the will of the people?

The election results were clear, the MAJORITY of the public and business community does not want this Main Street project as it has been presented.

Ram-rodding this project down the public's throat is not the way to lead a community.

There is so much anger and animosity over the pool project in this community that it will not go away for an entire generation. Do we really want that again in Spring Grove? This time 10 times worse!

I didn't realize how bad the divide remains in Mabel over their recent community center project until I recently spoke with some residents and business people.

It is so divisive that some people refused to vote there and drove to Preston to cast their vote. The community's annual cancer auction has moved to the new facility, and there will also be one held at the Legion for those who refuse to set foot in the new facility. Santa may even be making two appearances!

Do we want another split in this community? I pray that we don't. We have so many positive things going in this community! I don't know why, on the most important issue this community has faced in the last 50 years or more, that we can't come together and COMPROMISE!?

After all of the door knocking and talking to voters that I did in my campaign, I didn't find one person in favor of the project exactly as it was proposed.

There is much concern by the business community and the public about closing down our town for five months.

There are new concerns about narrowing the roadway and its effects on children and teachers that regularly bicycle to school. There are also concerns about the long-term financial impacts to our businesses, senior citizens and struggling young families.

Losing your seat is hard and not fun. I've been there. However, I took the high road and put the community first.

After I lost my mayoral seat in 2010, I invited Saundy Solum over to my home and spent more than three hours going through notes, updating her on projects and sharing as much knowledge as I could, because I put the best interest of this city before my personal feelings. I wanted her to succeed for the betterment of Spring Grove!

So, I challenge this current council to hold a special meeting with the three newly elected officials, bring in MnDOT and WHKS, and put together a plan that everyone can live with before the Dec. 13 deadline.

It is in the best interest of all of us to find ways to support our new mayor and council, as their success is our success!