State Representative Greg Davids (R-Preston) said all hardworking taxpayers will begin to lose more of their paychecks now that legislative Democratic tax increases have officially begun.

July 1 marked the beginning of a new budget cycle in the State of Minnesota, and Davids said many of the dozens of tax and fee increases approved by Democrats during the 2013 legislative session took effect on this date.

"Everyone knew that legislative Democrats couldn't increase spending by $3 billion and pay for it solely by raising taxes on Minnesota's wealthiest residents," Davids said.

"They promised to tax the rich, and in the end they raised taxes on every Minnesotan - from the richest of the rich to the poorest of the poor - in order to create a more ineffective government."

Under the Democrat budget plan, state spending was increased by $3 billion in order to spend a record $38 billion on state government programs over the next two years.

To pay for these unnecessary spending increases, Davids said the Democrats leveled a $2.1 billion tax increase on every Minnesotan.

How will you be impacted? Rep. Davids highlighted a few scenarios.

If you drive, you'll pay more for your driver's license, and your motor vehicle sales tax will increase if you drive specific vehicles.

There's also a new county wheelage tax on every vehicle that your family owns, to be imposed at the discretion of the county board.

You'll also pay an increased tax for a rental car when your vehicle is in the shop.

If you pay health insurance premiums, you'll pay an expensive new tax. If you smoke, you'll pay $1.60 more per pack. If you're a small business owner and pay individual income taxes on your business income, you'll send even more of your profits to state government.

If you're a farmer, you'll see increased taxes on agriculture inputs and farm equipment repairs. And in a move that's sure to make it more difficult to keep your farm in the family, you'll have a new estate tax to deal with.

Finally, if you own a satellite dish and buy products over the Internet, you'll be impacted by the new sales tax on these purchases.

"It's hard to believe, but if you own a car, use tobacco, watch satellite TV or make your living off the land our legislative Democrats believe you are rich and are forcing you to pay more to state government," Davids said.

"In the future, Minnesotans will hopefully remember that when a Democratic politician says he or she just wants to make the rich 'pay their fair share,' ultimately that politician will come after the wallets of every hardworking taxpayer."