U.S. Sens. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) and Al Franken (D-Minn.) Dec. 16 pressed to increase investments in clean energy technologies to help support a 21st-century economy.

In a letter to Senate leaders, Klobuchar and Franken-who is chairman of the Energy Subcommittee-called on Congress to continue supporting key programs that spur investments in clean energy. In addition, the senators are pushing to expand these programs to help grow Minnesota's vibrant energy technology sector.

"Renewable energy doesn't just create and support countless jobs across Minnesota, it is leading the way in reducing our dependence on foreign oil," said Klobuchar. "We need to continue to invest in the technologies that will help power our country."

"Making investments in renewable energy technologies boosts the economy, creates jobs, and decreases our dependence on foreign oil," said Franken. "These programs will help Minnesota's clean energy sector thrive, while giving American businesses a leg up in a global economy-it's win-win."

The letter, led by Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.), pushes Congress to deploy, build, manage, and provide access to several tools to scale up the production of clean energy technologies. 

Klobuchar is a member of the Senate Agriculture Committee and has long supported an increased role for renewable fuels in the U.S energy supply. In the 2013 Farm Bill, Klobuchar worked to include an amendment in the Senate-passed Farm Bill to provide additional funds for the Rural Energy for America (REAP) program.

Franken is a champion for increasing investments in clean energy technologies. As chairman of the Energy Subcommittee on the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, Franken focused his first hearing on energy efficiency.

In June of this year, Franken introduced the Local Energy Supply and Resiliency Act to help businesses, communities, and nonprofits capture waste heat for use in heating, cooling, and power generation. In addition, Franken supports legislation to bolster the production of biomass thermal technologies.