As you can see, as I prepare for my new position as managing editor of the Spring Grove Herald, I am preparing to sharpen my Norwegian. For the few in Spring Grove that do not speak fluent Norwegian, I will write here in English, "Hello."

I am told that I am supposed to introduce myself in this article. My name is David. I have lived in southeast Minnesota for just over five years. I grew up in eastern Wisconsin only about a half hour drive from Green Bay. For the Vikings fans, please forgive me. I am about half Norwegian, but if you enjoy lutefisk as much as I do, I think I could be called an honorary full-blooded Norwegian. Growing up, my parents wondered what was wrong with me because I was such a picky eater, but at Grandma's house each year at Christmas I would go for the lutefisk with a vengeance. I think I may get along in Spring Grove quite well being it's the town of Uff Da Fest and Syttende Mai.

I live eight miles down the road in Mabel where I also serve as minister of both Mabel and Newburg United Methodist churches. I have been working in radio broadcasting for the past 10 years, five of which has been at KFIL Radio in Preston - but now I am making the transition from the microphone to the press in Spring Grove. I am a graduate of Radio 1 Broadcasting School, which is owned by Spring Grove local Joe Deschler. I am also a graduate of both Rochester Community and Technical College and Crossroads Bible College.

I am looking forward to getting to know everyone in the Spring Grove community. What do I know about Spring Grove so far? Spring Grove is a progressive, vibrant small town in Minnesota's beautiful Bluff Country. For a small town, Spring Grove's assets include a state of the art cinema, Ye Olde Opera House, and a large swim and heritage center. I am sure I missed more than a few other area assets in that list. However, I believe the greatest asset in any community in not the attractions, but rather the hardworking people that make everything happen. From what I can tell, Spring Grove has a core of caring and talented people who care about the future vibrancy of their community along with preserving their rich cultural heritage.

At the Herald, we will continue to do what we have a long standing tradition of doing - and that is covering the news, events and people in Spring Grove. I will work hard to continue producing the award winning weekly newspaper that Heather Gray has worked so hard to create in her time as editor of the Herald. I am sincerely looking forward to working with the current staff and reporters at the Herald along with being a part of the vibrant community of Spring Grove.