Of all of the Republicans running for President in 2008, Texas Republican Ron Paul is the only one who opposed, in advance, us attacking and trying to militarily occupy Iraq, the only one, uno.

During a recent Republican presidential debate, Congressman Paul did not try to apologize for the slaughter of 3,000 innocent people on Sept. 11, 2001.

But what he did say was the truth. The hatred in the Arab world against United States foreign policies have much to do with our meddling and interference in the Middle East going back many years.

Even after the first Bush war against Iraq, the United States continued to bomb Iraq and we cut off medical and other supplies to the nation and tried to make life difficult for the Iraqi people so they would hate Saddam.

We have supported various ruthless and murderous governments in the Middle East over the years and 9-11 was a "block back" or boomerang to our years of running arms in that region.

Sound obscene? Yes, what we have done there for years is wrong. England and the United States have been partners in trying to redraw historic boundaries in the Middle East over much of the last century.

Our hands are not free of blood. The solution? We are going to eventually be forced to leave much of the Middle East due to the sheer costs. These are terrible things to say, but they are true.

Congressman Ron Paul is now being castigated by other Republicans who did not oppose going into Iraq. He should be applauded.

Do some research on Congressman Ron Paul and his speeches over the years. He is probably the most like a traditional Republican than any of the other candidates.

Barry Goldwater, the 1964 Republican Party presidential candidate, today would be thrown out of the Bush-Cheney White House. He stated publicly shortly before he died, "The Republican Party that I knew has been taken over by a bunch of kooks."

This is not the Republican Party I once knew and supported. I was a Republican most of my life. But it has changed and has become far more big government.

All I heard growing up was the Democrats gave us all of the wars in the 20th century - World War I under Democrat Wilson; World War II under Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt, Korea under Truman and Vietnam under Democrats Kennedy and Johnson. That was until the two Bushes came along.

Goldwater said that the traditional Republican principles of "get government off our backs, out of our wallets and out of our bedrooms" has been taken over by those who actually want to increase the power of the state over individual liberty.

As Americans who have never been given the truth about many things our government is involved in, we need to support Congressman Ron Paul. Had he been listened to before Bush-Cheney, Paul Wolfovits and Donald Rumsfeld invaded Iraq, our nation would be in much better shape.

The head of the Michigan Republican Party wants to exclude Congressman Ron Paul from future Republican debates. This would not only be wrong, but will further injure the Republican Party that brought us this mess in Iraq.

Iraq never invaded the United States, never intended to and never had the capability. Ron Paul needs to be heard in today's Republican Party for the good of the Republican Party. It has lost its roots and its moorings.

Pat Buchanan the other day had another important observation the Republicans need to listen to. He said over many years, the Republican Party, as a rule, opposed such things as the World Bank and huge deficits and government debt. Now, the Republicans seem to be the biggest defenders of big government- so long as they get to run it.

Think about it friends - what party today stands for LESS government? Certainly not either of the two major parties, as both have shown us.

Whatever happened to the Republican Party of Robert Taft of Ohio, Congressman John Ashbrook and Barry Goldwater? It seems what used to be called "The Rockefeller Wing" of the Republican Party has won out. But not for long.