After listening to Governor Mark Dayton's State of the State Address, State Representative Greg Davids (R-Preston) said he found few areas of agreement within the governor's priorities.

Davids said, "The governor used this as an opportunity to convince all Minnesotans that they need to pay higher taxes. He basically told us state government needs the money more than Minnesota's middle class and the poorest of the poor. Hold on to your wallets, folks."

Davids said the governor's plan would increase taxes on ALL Minnesotans by $3.7 billion this biennium alone, and increase state spending by $2.5 billion.

In addition to the massive expansion of Minnesota's sales tax, Davids said Minnesota residents wouldinevitably be hurt by Governor Dayton's business-to-business sales tax proposal.

"If a business loses money, it is going to make up the loss by doing one of three things: raising the price of their service or product, reducing employee wages or if the damage is bad enough, eliminating jobs," Davids noted.

"How are any of these options good for hardworking Minnesota families?"

"I agree with Governor Dayton that we need to improve the lives of middle class Minnesotans, but you can't do that through permanent tax increases," Davids continued.

"Minnesota's revenue collections will grow by nearly two and a half percent if we leave tax rates alone - which amounts to hundreds of millions in new money available to the state.

"Within a $35 billion budget, that should be enough to fund our priorities for the next two years without increasing taxes on every Minnesotan."