Concern has been brought to the Houston County Board of Commissioners by several constituents. The concern is that Houston County has no term limits in place in regard to the Planning and Zoning Commission. There is no process and procedure in place for interested citizens to gain a seat on the planning commission.

The Planning Commission has six board members who are appointed by the board of commissioners. A seventh Planning Commission member is a commissioner. The members of the Planning Commission serve three-year terms with no limit on the number of terms. The current members have served a combined total of well over 100 years. At the end of their current terms, they will have served a combined total of 120 years (40 terms) for an average of nearly seven terms per Planning Commission member. This makes for an average of 20 years per member. Charles Wieser has been on the planning commission since 1974 (39 years). Bruce Lee has served as a commission member since 1990, Garland Moe began his first term in 1992, Glenn Kruse was appointed in 1996, Terry Rosendahl gained a seat in 2000 and Dan Griffin came aboard in 2011.

While the "longtime" service by the planning commission appointed members is greatly appreciated, there are those out there who would like to serve as well, but feel they have no avenue to do so because there are no term limits in place. With this in mind, the Houston County Board of Commissioners is holding a public hearing Monday, Sept. 30, at 6:30 p.m. in the commissioners' room. I encourage you to attend the public hearing and let the board of commissioners know how you feel.

Justin Zmyewski of rural Houston is Houston County commissioner for District 2.