The results are in, and State Representative Greg Davids (R-Preston) is pleased with the response from the District 28B legislative questionnaire he distributed earlier this year.

"As their representative, I always appreciate knowing how the residents of Fillmore and Houston counties feel about issues that are being discussed at the State Capitol," Davids said.

When asked what is the best thing state government could do to improve the economy, 55 percent said that we should reduce income taxes so individuals and families can keep more of their money to help afford rising costs for basic needs; 37 percent believe we should reduce business taxes to encourage entrepreneurs to create new jobs; five percent want to raise taxes in order to better fund and/or expand state government programs; and 3 percent would like to borrow money to fund construction projects.

Government mandated unionization questions drew lopsided responses. Ninety-three percent of respondents said government should not force the unionization of daycare providers, and 92 percent opposed mandated unionization of personal care attendants.

In addition, 90 percent said they do not support a health insurance tax increase to fund President Obama's Affordable Care Act, 86 percent do not want state sales taxes placed on clothing and services, and 69 percent say Minnesota should immediately pay back the money previously borrowed from our school districts.

"My thanks to everyone who shared their opinions and responded to this survey," Rep. Davids concluded.