The early results on Minnesota's version of Obamacare - MNsure - are in, and State Rep. Greg Davids (R-Preston) said this government-controlled health plan looks more like a debacle than a success story.

Not only will southeastern Minnesotans pay substantially more for health insurance than inner city residents under this program, but Davids said patient privacy also appears to be at risk. Recently it was discovered that a MNsure employee emailed the personal data, including social security numbers, of 2,400 Minnesotans to someone who should not have received it.  

Davids said he was appalled Gov. Dayton called it a "little mistake."

"The governor acts as if some intern just happened to spill a cup of coffee on a stack of resumes," Davids said. "This is an employee who was playing fast and loose with the social security numbers of thousands of Minnesotans. It's an embarrassment to the State of Minnesota that the program isn't even fully implemented and we are already questioning whether personal, private information will remain secure."

This is why Davids sent a letter to Gov. Dayton on Sept. 18, urging him to review MNsure's security measures before the plan officially is up and running on Oct. 1.

"Gov. Dayton wanted a review of Vikings ownership before a final stadium deal was signed so we wouldn't be wasting hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars," Davids said. "This MNsure program is no different, as Minnesota is already on the hook for $150 million just to operate our version of Obamacare."

"Gov. Dayton owns this Obamacare problem," Davids continued.

"This plan is going to cost Minnesotans billions of dollars in the coming years; the least he could do is take some responsibility by ordering an investigation into MNsure to determine whether state resources will continue to be wasted and if it actually has the ability to keep private information private."