We are nearing the end of May and Monday some schools in the area had late starts, and a couple in Iowa were canceled, as the weather just won't behave. This time it was flooded streams and rivers in the area as the rain just wouldn't let up Sunday evening.

It's been that kind of year. School was closed in February due to freezing rain and in May due to snow. Most schools had record numbers of closings this year.

Although the extremely cold spring led some people to claim that it is proof that global warming is a myth, it is these kinds of extremes that are evidence of global climate change.

Climate studies have warned about more frequent and intense weather events, such as heavy rain and snow storms along with record temperatures.

Just one year ago, we were worried about an extreme drought. Now, it is flooding that is on our minds as we have had one of the wettest springs on record. Once we get in a trend, it seems as if we can't get out.

The unusual spring delayed the sports seasons for weeks, but the pages of our newspapers weren't absent of student achievements.

Maybe it's the absence of spring sports, or maybe students did extraordinarily well this year, but it certainly seemed like there were a lot of accomplishments highlighted in the pages of our newspapers.

From the traditional FFA, in which several students from local schools advanced to national competition, to the new competition, robotics, the fastest growing activity in Minnesota schools, young scholars from the schools we cover accomplished much.

Students from the schools we cover also advanced in One-Act Play competition, History Day, Knowledge Bowl, Geography Bee, Environthon, music contests, speech and many other academic or creative activities.

And, there were the local recognitions, such as the National Honor Society, school concerts, special programs and individual achievements by students. It's enough to keep our reporters busy even if there aren't any sports to cover.

Perhaps the students recognized for their academic achievement today will be tomorrow's scholars that come closer to understanding the complexities of climate and weather. We certainly have a lot to learn.

The weather may be an inconvenience for our young athletes, but the consequences of extremes have implications that can affect our economy, infrastructure and even life itself.

Although we know our readers like to see sports in our papers, we also do our part to highlight the stories of the academic and creative talents of our young people.

In the future, we're more likely to hear about the accomplishments of our young people in society than on the playing fields once they leave high school.

Next up is commencement. This is a special occasion for every graduate, no matter what they did, or didn't do, in high school.

For many, it will be their last accomplishment in their hometown, as they will be leaving to pursue other interests. We'll be there to record another milestone in their lives.

Congratulations pending graduates and good luck in your endeavors. We won't be surprised, if we hear good things about you in the future.