Since I wrote last week about my experiences with the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, more details have come to light - nationally about cancelations of policies and locally about difficulties finding comparable policies on the state exchange, which is called MNsure.

One reader wrote me about her experiences with MNsure and we thought it would be a good idea to share those experiences, so her piece is published in this week's edition. With politicians busy making points one way or the other, the experiences of real people using the exchange is the best way to determine if this new direction in health care coverage is a benefit or a detriment.

I only took a brief tour of the site, but her family has delved into the exchange in much more depth. The results are not promising. Read for yourself the column by Jennifer Slafter.

It is disappointing. As I wrote last week, the policies I compared aren't much different in price than what I offer employees now. Perhaps, MNsure is exposing the fact that our area of the state has always had higher premiums than the rest of the state. It may also be true that we have always had fewer choices because the only company with plans available to my business is the same company that I am using now for my employees.

My impression was that Obamacare would create a bigger pool of insured, thus leveling out the costs across the population. So why are states carved into districts with widely varying rates?

There are a lot of questions, but few answers. The national debate is mostly politically motivated, but the real story will be what people needing health insurance have to say.

I was hoping the Affordable Care Act would be an improvement because I feel the former health care coverage system was a failure - double digit increases every year in premiums with no improvements in quality. Now, it's looking like an even bigger mess.

If you have experiences you would like to share, email them to or call (507) 346-7365 or mail them to P.O. Box 112, Spring Valley MN 55975. You are the best gauge of how this is all working and we would love to hear about real experiences in navigating this new world of health care coverage.