When coming to America from Norway, some of these families used the name Aamodt/Aamoth. After living in this country for a period of time, many of the descendants changed the spelling from "Aa" to O and the name became Omodt/Omoth.

Our former Trinity Lutheran Church Assistant Pastor Walter I. Aamoth used "Aa", and as far as I know that is the only family that lived in Spring Grove in later years that used that spelling.

Pastor Walter I. Aamoth was born March 10, 1894, in Twin Valley, Norman County, Minn. His parents were Lars H. Aamoth and Ingeborg Rostad.

He served in World War I after which he attended the University of Wisconsin, where he became first a principal and later a superintendent of schools before entering the seminary to become a pastor.

He was ordained in 1927 and served several parishes before coming to Spring Grove. He served Trinity Lutheran Church from 1955-1958. He was married to Mabel Onsgard.

But Pastor Aamoth was not remotely related to the earlier Aamodts of Spring Grove. The families came from different areas of Norway, and the "Aamodt" name was taken from different places. There were at least 30 places named Aamot in Norway.

Helge Halvorsen Aamodt was born in Eggedal, Norway, the son of Halvor Torstensen Aamodt and Aase Olsdatter Bjore, and when he came to Spring Grove, his family spelled their last name Aamodt, as shown by the burials in the old cemetery by the Trinity Lutheran Church. His sons later adopted the spelling Omoth.

While there are other families that used that spelling their last names either Omodt or Omoth, from the time they arrived from Norway, but for this article, I am only writing about a few who arrived as Aamodt.

Both Helge and his wife, Gunhild Ellingsdatter Skaala, are buried in the old cemetery. Helge and Gunhild had two boys. Their eldest son, Halvor, married Helga Halstenrud and two of their children, Mrs. Oscar Sandmoen and Reuben, are buried in the Riceford Cemetery.

The other son, Elling, married Mary Harvey who was a daughter of Haldor Narvesen Gronhovd (Halbert Harvey). Their daughter, Gladys married Delbert Larson. One of their two sons is Paul Larson, formerly of Iowa but now living in La Crosse, Wis., who frequently visits the Giants of the Earth Heritage Center.

Other family names intermarried with the Aamodts are: Ness, Haugen, Bergrud, Wilhelmson, Solum and Holje to name a few.

Another son of Halvor and Aase Aamodt was Torsten, who in 1847 married Kirsti Kristensdatter Oseth, and together they came to America in 1860 settling in Wilmington Township. They had a family of 11 children, but many of the children died at a young age.

At least one of his children is buried in the old cemetery in Spring Grove as an "Aamodt", but Torsten was buried as an "Omoth" - the spelling adopted by his sons.

His son, Halvor, married Kjersti Gundersdatter Oseth; Ingeborg married Klemmet Reierson; Martin married Ingeborg H. Tangen; and Theolai married Sonneif Rusvigen. They all lived in this area except Theolai who moved to North Dakota.

As mentioned before there are other Aamoth/Omoth/Omodt families who lived in Spring Grove. If anyone would like help with these families, let us know.

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