Percival Narveson and his wife Inga Hendrickson married in 1952<br /><br /><!-- 1upcrlf2 -->
Percival Narveson and his wife Inga Hendrickson married in 1952

Several weeks ago I wrote about Inga Hendrickson and the Hendrickson Café. Since Inga has a very interesting heritage, I would like to share some of this information.

I personally knew Inga, who was married to Percival Narveson. Percy, as we called him, was Spring Grove's historian and also wrote many articles for the Winona Daily News and the Spring Grove Herald.

They both loved to play Scrabble and so many hours were spent in the evenings, playing this game. Percival once wrote an article about Inga for the News entitled, "She Traces Her Family Back to Norse Royalty."

Inga had a sister, Claribel Hendrickson, who at one time was married to Halvard Arnsten and had two children, Vernice and Virginia. They divorced and Claribel married a Stoen and then later a Haddon.

An adopted brother by the name of Rolf Hendrickson married Ardys Rasmus from the Mabel area; they had one son Russell and lived in California.

Martha (Anderson) Hendrickson, born 1876, the mother of Inga, Claribel and Rolf, and wife of Nelius Hendrickson, had two brothers in Spring Grove who ran businesses - Albert and James.

Albert Anderson, born 1880, married Delia Jeska who ran the restaurant in the same building as where his father, Brown Anderson, had run a business for over 50 years.

Albert and Delia had two children, Albert Jr. (married Marion Tweeten) and Helen (married Charles Duncanson). After Albert Sr. died, Albert Jr. and Charles Duncanson ran the former Anderson Café as the C & D Lunch.

James Fredrick Anderson or "Fred" as we all knew him and his wife, the former Palma Golberg, ran the Jack Sprat grocery store for many years.

The other Anderson siblings were: Carl who lived in Montana, Inga married to William Bandel and who lived at Cody, Wyo.; Ben who lived at Kindred, N.D.; and Rudolf, who lived in La Crosse, Wis.

Rudolf was an accomplished violinist and used the name Kvelve, the family name from Norway, instead of Anderson.

The parents of these children were Augustinus Bruun "Brown" Anderson, born April 7, 1851, in Albion, Wis. and died Sept. 24, 1935, at Caledonia. He was married to Caroline Hemri, daughter of Ole and Martha Hemri from Black Hammer.

In 1881, he came to Spring Grove and opened a restaurant and confectionery business and was at the same location the rest of his life.

Rasmus Anderson, a brother of Brown, was a famous professor at the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

Often considered the "Father of Norwegian Literature in America", he became in his later years the United States Minister to Denmark.

Rasmus said that his father, Bjorn Andersen Kvelve, was a born agitator and frequently stirred up trouble. Because his wife, Abel Catherine von Krogh, had married a peasant - an offense in the eyes of her more aristocratic family - she was ostracized by friends and relatives.

The von Kroghs had come into Denmark from Germany about 1640 and the military annals show many officers bearing that name in the army.

Bjorn and his wife came to America and settled in Albion, Dane County, Wis., where Bjorn and a son died from the cholera in the autumn of 1850, leaving his pregnant wife with eight children. Brown Anderson was born the following spring.

Cecelia Anderson, born 1840, a daughter of Bjorn and Abel Catherine, and a sister of Brown and Rasmus, married Reverend Styrk S. Reque, who was Trinity Lutheran's church's pastor until he died.

The Anderson/Kvelve/von Krogh family history has deep roots in Spring Grove. Rasmus in his autobiography writes that they were even related to the famous violinist, Ole Bull.

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