The editor of the Spring Grove Herald from May 1, 1919, to April 28, 1927, was Cornelius Cleveland Allen, more familiarly known as "C. C." or "Connie" Allen.

At that time, the publisher of the Herald was B. L. (Bernt) Onsgard, father to Burnell, the grandfather of Fred Onsgard, who is now retired, the last Onsgard to publish the Herald.

Connie, as he was best known, was born Feb. 13, 1887, in Lanesboro, Fillmore County, Minnesota.

In 1905, at age 18, he is still living with his parents in Carrolton Township, Fillmore County, but by 1910, he is living in Colorado Springs, El Paso, Colorado, with his two older brothers.

When he registered for the draft in 1917, he is still living in El Paso, but then returned to Spring Grove by May of 1919 to become the editor of the Herald.

On Feb. 28, 1924, he married Nancy Newhouse. Nancy was born Oct. 30, 1896, in Spring Grove, the daughter of Nels T. and Anne Cecelia (Rosaaen) Newhouse.

Nels Newhouse was an early businessman in Spring Grove, coming here from Caledonia, where he and N. Koob were in a mercantile business together.

In Spring Grove, he became a partner with T. I. Doely for eight years, buying him out in 1898 and continuing in business for a period of 30 years.

Connie Allen edited the Herald until April of 1927, and shortly thereafter he and Nancy moved to Los Angeles, Calif., where Connie died in 1940.

His widow Nancy returned to Spring Grove and married Oscar B. Garness in 1946.

Ole Allen was born Jan. 3, 1837, at Lunder, Norderhov, Buskerud, Norway, the son of Elling Hendrickson Solberg and Guri Olsdatter Lunde.

Ole Allen and Sina (or "Susan" as she was generally known) Peterson were married at Newburg, Fillmore County by Justice of the Peace Hans Valder on March 28, 1867. Of their nine children, Connie was the youngest.

Three of their older children died of scarlet fever in 1879, and all, including Connie, moved either to Colorado, California or Minneapolis.

Elling and Guri Solberg had five other children. Why Ole took the last name of Allen, we do not know; all of the other children of Elling and Guri used the last name of Solberg.

Helge Solberg was the oldest and married to Kari Olsdatter Braenden and had five children, one of whom was Siri Oline who married Christine Petersen Onstad. Their children married into the Suldahl, Stenehjem, Solum, Johnson, Ronningen, Pember and Rosaaen families.

Another daughter was Matthea, who married Christian H. Arnston and lived at Viking, Benson County, North Dakota; they had six children.

Marthe Solberg was their third child and married Narve Narveson Harvey. Narve was a brother to Haakon Narveson who was one of the original settlers of Spring Grove Township.

One of Narve's descendants is Paul Larson, who I also mentioned in an earlier article in regards to the Aamoths of Spring Grove.

Anders Solberg was married to Anne Helgesdatter Bjore. They had a daughter Gunhild who married C. P. Lommen, who was a Dean of Medicine at the South Dakota State University.

Anders died during the Civil War and Anne remarried Bjorn Henderson and there are many relatives.

Eric Solberg married Ingri Helgesdatter Bjøre who was a sister of Anne Bjøre and they had two children.

Inga Solberg married Even Ellingson Solberg and had seven children.

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Additions and corrections to these columns are welcome. Glenn Kinneberg informs me that he has information that in the Aasen family article. Milton Aasen and his wife LaVonne were the president and Flying Farmer Queen of the North Dakota Flying Farmers and not of the National Flying Farmers as stated.