Fifth-grade students at Spring Grove Public School have had their homeroom teacher, Laurie Moen, more than once during their school career, thus getting to know her well.

They had her for math and reading in early elementary and more recently in fourth grade for language arts. This year, she is their homeroom teacher and also for language arts as part of the Middle Ages grades.

Throughout her teaching career, it has been important to her to get to know her students more than just teaching to them, and she enjoys sharing her life with them as well.

As she retires this year, a new teacher will be taking her place. Moen's fifth-grade students took a little time to think about what they would do if they were a teacher for a day.

Maybe the new teacher will want to listen to their advice? Or maybe the new teacher will want to use their own ideas!

If I was a teacher for a day, I would....

"... tell my class to go back in time and invent something that was not invented yet. Then I would tell them to go into the future and invent something to change the world forever - like water-powered cars, automatic driving cars, flying cars, packets that say a certain food that you put in the microwave and in seconds you have McDonalds." ~ Alan Michels

"... give the kids an extra recess, only if they behave. If I was a gym teacher that would be different, I would try to do outside activities as much as possible. Sometimes, I would change the rules of the game." ~ Michael Blackburn

"... have a short 10-minute recess in the morning, then we would have a dance party for 40 minutes. After that we would have P.E. then we would have one hour of reading. Next we would have lunch, then we would have Science then Math and finally go home." ~ Liz Garcia -Holty

"... have them go on a field trip to Ricky Carmichael's house to learn about dirt-biking or racing so kids don't always learn about math, science, reading and social studies. For music class, I'd let them listen to modern music. For gym class, I'd let them go to an NFL game to learn." ~ Caleb Nerstad

"... try to get my class outside. I would try to not give them that much homework. I'll make sure they don't have two tests in a row. I would let them go to town and home to eat lunch." ~ Kyle Hagen

"... use Minecraft in the school's curriculum. The reasons I would do this is it would be a fun and intuitive way to educate kids, and in Sweden it's already required in all schools so it would seem like a good choice. And that is what I would do if I was the teacher for a day." ~ Alexander Deters

"... give the students more homework and after the homework, we would go outside to get fresh air. Then we would go and eat lunch and after lunch they would go home." ~ Hannah Gray

"... tell my students to imagine going back in time. Maybe they could have prevented the Civil War. Or to imagine going to the future to bring back things called hover shoes. You could even go back and create baseball before it was invented." ~ Carter Bratland

"... make the class read a few chapters out of a book. Then I would make the class do a quiz about the chapters to make sure they read the chapters good. I would give the class time to read their books. I would take the class outside for an hour of recess. After recess, I would let the class play some board games." ~ Anna Frydenlund

"... tell everybody to read for an hour. Then we would go to gym and then go outside. I would go on a field trip to the zoo and then to a play. In school I would teach people how to dance. Then I would give an assignment to write about their life and fun things they did in their life. I would tell them to do what they want to do and never give up." ~ Addison Deschler

"... make sure my students do the best writing they could do. I would also bring them outside for at least an hour. Then we would have a fun time for 30 minutes. Then for the rest of the day, we would read books." ~ Alex Ellingson

"... make sure that everyone works hard so they will be successful when they grow up. I would also make sure everyone has fun. As well as that, I would make sure they got some fresh air each day." ~ Katie Lamm

"... not give homework and have an art class and just play and hang out." ~ Marie Peterson

"... make sure they would do their work, and I would have some fun with them. I would make sure we would have gym and get to go out to recess everyday." ~ Brandon Anderson

"... make kids do extra effort. I would also make it all fun. Like I would let them get fresh air and then start working. I also would let them talk quietly after they did their worksheet or test." ~ Sam Folstad

"... have YouTube class from 10 to 11:35 a.m. If they would be good, I would turn on a science video or take them out for recess for 10 minutes or walk to Kwik Trip and back again to the school. I would grade the paper they did, and they had 6 A's, 5 B's, 3 C's, 2 D's, 1 F. If they got an ABC they did good." ~ Collin VanMinsel

"... teach them about nature and be outside all day only coming in for snack, lunch and free time and to read long books. Then we'd have math, science, social studies and reading. Then it would be time to go home. At home, I would correct worksheets from the kids." ~ Katheryn Deters

"... make sure that the class would have an hour of tech classes and an hour of class to study animals. I would give them a break to read after gym. And I would make sure iPads were available so they could 'explore.'" ~ Ryan Carten

"... make sure the students did their work. I would also make sure they had Phy. Ed every day. I would also reward them if they did good on a quiz or test." ~ Chandler Bergrud

"... teach kids to not be in a rush on their homework. I think they should slow down and think about the question. I would make sure that they got recess to have some fun outside, too." ~ Amelia Solum

"... teach kids to follow their dreams. I would teach kids to do quality work, and they would have art, music and gym class every day. I would make sure that they would grow up to be kind and respectful people to this world." ~ Elena Myrah

"... teach them cursive and make sure they have gym every single day of the week. I would make sure they get A's and B's and C's are OK. If they were good, I would take them for an extra recess after lunch." ~ Hannah Boudreaux

"... take my class out for recess for the morning. Then I would take them in for their first class. Then do arts and crafts. Then at the end of the day, we would go play outside. Then we would have 30 minutes left for P.E." ~ Sadie Albrecht

"... be a very nice teacher. That does not mean I will let them do anything. I would make them do quality work just like my teacher, Mrs. Moen." ~ Jacine Johanningmeier

"... teach students social studies. They would have music for 30 minutes, then P.E. for 30 minutes. They would have a 20-minute recess and then go to lunch. If they didn't get their assignments done, I would take a card. We would work on their spellers next, then have study time. It would be time to go home by then, so I would dismiss them and finish correcting and go home myself." ~ Emily Myrah

"... take milk count. I would tell my class to go to social studies quietly. Then I would take them to lunch. After that we would have recess. After that we have a rap music class. The teacher is Eminem. After that we go home." ~ Payton Leahy