Ella Wennes is very excited about her win at the Family Game Show last year and celebrates!Photo submitted by F.F.E.
Ella Wennes is very excited about her win at the Family Game Show last year and celebrates!

Photo submitted by F.F.E.
Time to gather up your family, dust off your games skills and head to the Spring Grove Cinema for Families For Education's (F.F.E) second Family Game Show on Thursday, May 9, beginning at 6 p.m.!

The games will be in the "Minute-to-Win-It" style and could be a group challenge or a parent-child challenge or a teacher versus a student or an individual challenge!

Laughter and fun will most definitely be a part of the equation. Contestants will be randomly selected from the audience to participate in a game.

The games will be age-oriented so the older the participant the more challenging it will be! To make sure the audience can see all of the fun on the stage during the games, the action will be broadcast on the big cinema screen so audience members won't miss a beat of the fun.

Game participants will earn tickets for participating as well as how well they accomplish the challenge. The participants then put their earned tickets in containers by the prize(s) they are most interested in winning.

While watching the entertaining games, audience members can enjoy the many different concessions offered by the Cinema.

There is no admission fee to the Family Game Show event, but F.F.E. will be accepting free-will donations at the door as they are helping to raise money for kindergarten through sixth-grade classrooms and programs.

"We wanted to do something fun and entertaining for families with children of all ages," commented Rob Gross, F.F.E. vice president.

"The community has always been supportive of events that benefit the students at school. Many families had a great time at this event last year, so F.F.E. is excited to host another Family Game Show!"

If anyone isn't able to attend the Family Game Show event and would like to donate to the playground, they can contact Gross at (507) 498-3610.