Giants of the Earth Heritage Center, Inc. of Spring Grove still has room in its Norwegian Ridge Language Camp (NRLC) with its theme "Join us on a Journey to Norway."

Classes run June 10 to 14 for children ages 4 to 7 and June 17 to 21 for children age 8 through adults.

This is the second year that Norwegian Ridge Language Camp has been offered in Spring Grove.

During the camps, students will "learn basic Norwegian language skills and discover Norway through geography, history and experiences," states its website

The students will also take short field trips in and around the Spring Grove area. Each day, they will also have hands-on experiences helping prepare traditional Norwegian meals.

In addition, the class will teach Norwegian traditions and culture as well as the language. Students in both sessions will use iPads to explore Norway's geography, agriculture, life and more.

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Registration and payment information are available online at

Also; space is limited. Interested individuals can also contact the camp via email at or phone at (507) 498-CAMP (2267).