Each year the Spring Grove Community Task Force sponsors a Post Prom event for students. It is held at the Fest Building directly following the prom dance festivities, which are held at the school.

Prom this year is Saturday, May 5. Post Prom will run overnight on Saturday through early Sunday morning. This year's theme is a World Showcase.

Activities will center around 11 different countries - the students will take their "passports" and visit the countries experiencing different foods, games and activities.

The parents of the junior and senior classes plus other community volunteers help plan and work at the Post Prom event.

Since this event began, it has been a huge success with the majority of prom-goers attending. Juniors and seniors that do not attend prom are still able to attend this Post Prom event. The event is funded completely by donations.

Post Prom gives students a positive place to continue their festivities that is free of drugs and alcohol. Giving them this option has been successful in preventing injuries and death.

The committee is asking for the public's support of this event with merchandise, gift certificates, tickets, from local merchants. These items are all given away to the attendees.

For anyone who would prefer to give a cash donation, it would be used to help offset the costs of the event as well as used to purchase additional prizes to be given away.

There are usually around 100 students that attend Post Prom and would appreciate any support the public could offer.

Donations may be sent to: Spring Grove Community Task Force, in care of Spring Grove Public Schools, PO Box 626, Spring Grove, MN 55974.

Questions can be directed to Marlene Deschler at (507) 498-5333 or Lisa Bornholdt at (507) 498-3460.