The Independent School District #297 Board of Education approved their 2012 committee assignments on Feb. 27.

Kristy Folz and Shannon Schuttemeier will serve on Finance/Audit. Eligibility Board of Review will be taken by Michelle Borreson and Aaron Solum. Eric Bjerke and Christian Myrah will serve on Transportation.

The District Policy Committee will feature Bjerke and Folz. Administrative Negotiations will be taken on Borreson and Folz.

The Certified Staff Negotiations Committee will have Myrah, Schuttemeier and Solum. Non-Certified Staff Negotiations Committee assignments went to Bjerke and Borreson. Building and Grounds will have Solum and Myrah.

Other board representation appointments included Borreson on American Education Week Citizen Recognition, Schuttemeier on Staff Development, Bjerke and Borreson on Crisis Plan, Folz on Houston County Collaborative, Bjerke and Solum on Health Insurance, Myrah on Vocation Education Advisory, Solum on Hiawatha Valley Education District board, Myrah and Solum on Meet and Confer, Schuttemeier on Legislative Liaison, Folz on Wellness, Bjerke on Minnesota State High School League, Myrah on Technology, and Borreson on Special Education Advisory.

Personnel matters reviewed

The board approved a contract offer for Becky Newgaard as ECFE Parent Educator.

Superintendent Rachel Udstuen said Newgaard would be working about two hours a week in the position.

No contract offer was made for the position of JV/Assistant Varsity Softball Coach. Udstuen reported that applications are still under review.

Principal gives report

Principal Nancy Gulbranson told members that the Special Education Validation Audit would take place in mid-March and results will be out in time for the April board meeting.

Pointing to a sheaf of papers at least two inches thick, Gulbranson said, "This document is all you need to know about (MCA/ GRAD) testing coming up."

Highlights include reading tests will continue to be pencil and paper, but math tests will all be online.

"This year we can take the math test up to three times online," Gulbranson added.

Superintendent reviewed

After a presentation by math instructors Kim Kapplinger and Chris Strinmoen (see separate article in this issue of the Herald), members went into closed session for a superintendent evaluation.

Although a summary report of the contents of closed sessions is required by statute, none has yet been supplied to the Herald.

According to the school board agenda that will be made available at next month's meeting.

The next regular meeting of the school board will be on Monday, March 19, at 7 p.m. in Room 101.