Giants of the Earth Heritage Center, Inc., of Spring Grove established its Norwegian Ridge Language Camp (NRLC) in 2012 as an opportunity for students of all ages to have a high-quality experience of learning Norwegian in an immersion atmosphere classroom, as well as in sports activities and traditional folk arts instruction. The 2013 theme is "Join us on a Journey to Norway."

The camp offers creative programming, daily schedules and measurable learning goals that integrate music, art, dance, crafts, sports and language into a memorable and flowing rhythm.

Staff from Norway and the United States are helping to develop and provide this year's NRLC experiences. Their bios and photos are online at

Norwegian Ridge Language Camp is fortunate to once again draw upon the area's passionate Norwegian community of volunteers. Many are affiliated with the local Valheim I-364 Sons of Norway lodge and Giants of the Earth Heritage Center.

These volunteer will assist the students daily with preparations for lunch and snacks using authentic Norwegian recipes, keep children occupied during break times and nurture them with memories and stories of days when Norwegian was still commonly spoken on the streets of Spring Grove!

NRLC is pleased to welcome Dave Susag, Sons of Norway Zone 5 director, who will teach the students how to make krumkaker, heart waffles and rømmegrøt.

Students in both sessions will use iPads to explore Norway's geography, agriculture, life and hardship in the "old" world, emigration sea routes, and modern but rustic coastal living through a unique partnership with Roar Moe who lives on an island off the west coast of Norway where he is the director of a folk school.

In addition, NRLC students will form relationships with Norwegian children and communicate with them on iPADs via email and video conferencing. NRLC seeks "to provide people-to-people enrichment and promote cultural exchange," as evidenced by these daily activities at NRLC.

As campers practice their conversational Norwegian with other campers and their e-pen pals, they will also be sharing the English language and American culture with Norwegian children!

Session I will run from June 10 to 14 and focus on children from ages 4 to 7 years old. The Session I campers will be performing Norwegian songs and dances at the Tweeten Lutheran Healthcare Center, as a way of saying thank you and honoring the town's elders.

From June 17-21 (Session II), NRLC will host the 8 year old through adult campers. This session will be divided into two age groups: 8-12 year olds and 13 and older.

Although still equipped with iPads and fantastic opportunities with students at Litle Faerøy (Roar Moe connection), a special emphasis will be added to the older group's curriculum to explore the shifting cultural mores of current Norway's populace due to immigration, commerce and policies that influence greater Europe, thus promoting international relations.

Campers will utilize Norwegian Kommune and government websites and global media resources to create a timeline that illuminates the trajectory of Norwegian commerce from agricultural and fishing roots to high tech coastal engineering and oil commerce.

Issues of immigration and national wealth and investment will be explored and discussion about modern day life will enhance the language learning in daily class.

NRLC also has its own FB page, which students can search and LIKE. It is also linked through the Giants of the Earth Heritage Center website.

Additional information is available by calling (507) 450-1373.