The referee signals another Spring Grove touchdown after Caleb Happel carried into the Houston end zone. The Lions’ 2013 co-championship was their fourth straight conference football championship. PHOTO: JON SPELTZ/SPRING GROVE HERALD
The referee signals another Spring Grove touchdown after Caleb Happel carried into the Houston end zone. The Lions’ 2013 co-championship was their fourth straight conference football championship. PHOTO: JON SPELTZ/SPRING GROVE HERALD
For the fifth time in 12 years, Lanesboro has finished the 2013-2014 school year with the most Southeast Conference sports championships. No other league team has earned that distinction more than three times. While the Burros collected the most SEC hardware, the most acclaimed championship was Grand Meadow's state nine-man football championship.

With two division races in three of the 10 SEC sports, there were 13 total championship races. It was a year of repeats; in 11 of those 13 races, the defending champ either won or shared the crown again. Only boys golf and West Division volleyball crowned an entirely different champion than the previous year.

When there are fewer than 10 teams in a sport, SEC standings are kept in one group with one champion. When all 10 teams compete in a sport, standings are kept in two divisions with two division champions but no overall titleholder. In volleyball, the two division champions play at the end of the regular season, but it is considered a showcase with no championship at stake.

In tabulating, a West or East Division championship counts as half a title (basketball, volleyball) as does tying for a full conference championship and a championship by a team in a two-school shared program (boys track). Sharing the top ranking in a division earns one fourth of a title.

A tri-championship counts as a third of a title as does a championship shared by three-schools (GM/L-O/S in girls track).

The official golf championships are determined during the regular season round robin, not in the tournament.

As part of shared programs, six of the 10 SEC members compete for Three Rivers Conference championships in some sports. Only SEC championships are considered in this tabulation.

Since Mabel-Canton has thus far not had any boys on the L/FC/MC track team, it did not receive any points for that championship. The MC designation was added when Cougar girls joined the track and field team.

LANESBORO claimed both the girls and boys golf crowns outright and finished in a three-way tie for the football title. As a shared program with Fillmore Central, LHS also won the boys track championship. That amounts to 2.83 titles for the '13-'14 Burros who ascended from their third and fourth place tie in '12-'13.

L/FC has won that boys track title 20 of the past 21 years including the last seven. It was the Burros' ninth consecutive girls golf crown. The LHS golf boys regained the top rung having now won or shared eight of the last 10 SEC championships.

LYLE/PACELLI was second with 2.0 championships, one rung higher than last year's third and fourth place tie. The Athletics won their third straight baseball title along with winning the West Division in both volleyball and girls basketball. It was the second straight title for the basketball girls. L/P is the only program to compete in all 10 SEC sports.

Last year's championship co-leaders slipped to third and fourth places this year. Third place in '13-'14 belongs to SPRING GROVE (1.3 titles) whose achievement is especially noteworthy considering the Lions compete in only four SEC races, and for four straight years, have won championships in three - football, girls basketball and boys basketball. In its fourth SEC race, SG tied as division runner-up in volleyball.

Despite the end of their 86-SEC game winning streak, the Lion girls still won a fifth straight SEC East basketball title. The boys posted a fourth consecutive cage crown. The recent football tri-championship was the fourth straight time the Lions have won or shared the top gridiron spot.

HOUSTON ranks fourth this year with one championship, the Hurricanes' second straight softball title. Houston has won or shared that distinction four of the past five years.

GRAND MEADOW totaled 0.9 championships - none outright but sharing in three. On the way to the state title, the Super Larks were tri-champs in SEC football. They also were credited with a third of a title as part of the GM/LeRoy-Ostrander/Southland track girls earning their eighth straight.

MABEL-CANTON notched a 16th consecutive volleyball championship. That division standing counts as a half title.

LeROY-OSTRANDER, as part of the GM/L-O/S girls track team, earned a third of championship.

SCHAEFFER ACADEMY celebrated its first SEC trophy by tying defending champ GM for the top spot in the West Division boys basketball race. Half of a division crown equals 0.25 titles.

GLENVILLE-EMMONS, the overall 2011 winner, and HOPE LUTHERAN again did not share in trophy time. The Patriots competed in only three SEC sports, the fewest of any league member.

SEC Championships '13-'14 by team

(inside parentheses are numbers of SEC sports in which each member participates)

Lanesboro (8) 2.83 titles (1 girls golf, 1 boys golf, 1/2 boys T&F, 1/3 football)

Lyle/Pacelli (10) 2.0 titles (1 baseball, 1/2 girls BB, 1/2 volleyball)

Spring Grove (4) 1.3 titles (1/2 boys BB, 1/2 girls BB, 1/3 football)

Houston (8) 1 title (1 softball)

Grand Meadow (8) 0.9 titles (1/3 girls T&F, 1/3 football, 1/4 boys BB)

Mabel-Canton (7) 0.5 titles (1/2 volleyball)

LeRoy-Ostrander (8) 0.3 titles (1/3 girls track)

Schaeffer Academy (6) 0.25 titles (1/4 boys BB)

Hope Lutheran (3) no titles

Glenville-Emmons (5) no titles


SEC champions 2013-2014 by sport

Volleyball - M-C (East), L/P (West),

Football - GM, SG, Lanesboro

Boys BB - SG (East), SA & GM (West)

Girls BB - SG (East), L/P (West)

Softball - Houston

Baseball - L/P

Golf girls - Lanesboro

Golf boys - Lanesboro

Track girls - GM/L-O/S

Track boys - L/FC/(MC)



Beginning competition in school year 1991-1992, the SEC became an exclusively small-school league in 2002-2003.

'02-'03 LeRoy-Ostrander

'03-'04 Spring Grove

'04-'05 Mabel-Canton

'05-'06 Lanesboro

'06-'07 Lanesboro

'07-'08 Lanesboro

'08-'09 Houston

'09-'10 Lanesboro

'10-'11 Glenville-Emmons

'11-'12 Spring Grove

'12-'13 Spring Grove & Houston

'13-'14 Lanesboro