Spring Grove owerlifters, <br /><br /><!-- 1upcrlf2 -->Caleb Happel, Larry Schulte, Zach Sanness, <br /><br /><!-- 1upcrlf2 -->Matt Schleich and <br /><br /><!-- 1upcrlf2 -->Harrison Speltz, all earned medals at the their final meet on Feb. 18.
Spring Grove owerlifters,

Caleb Happel, Larry Schulte, Zach Sanness,

Matt Schleich and

Harrison Speltz, all earned medals at the their final meet on Feb. 18.
The powerlifters from Spring Grove did it again! "We went to Necedah (Wis.) for the last meet of the season on Feb. 18, where 200 other lifters competed and competition was tough," explained coach Jean Happel.

"Before the meet started, I told the guys, 'Don't be upset if you do not place and get a medal. Do your best, that is what's important,'" Happel explained.

"Little did I know at the time that they would lift beyond what they have ever lifted, in a meet or in the weight room and all bring home medals!"

Matt Schleich led off with a squat of 285 lbs., bench press of 205 and a dead lift of 355 lbs. for a career-best total of 825 lbs. and first place in his JV weight class. He improved his total from the previous meet by 55 lbs.

Harrison Speltz followed with another first place finish in his JV weight class. Speltz squatted 295 lbs., benched 180 lbs. and dead lifted for the first time ever 340 lbs. for a total of 815 lbs., an improvement of a whopping 100 lbs. from the previous meet!

The medals kept coming. Larry Schulte did a great job fighting through a very sore back. He squatted 275 lbs., benched 215 lbs and dead lifted 320 lbs. for a total of 820 lbs. This was good for third place in his JV weight class, the second-place winner had only 15 lbs. more than Larry.

Zach Sanness did a great job as well. He squatted 260 lbs., benched 205 lbs. and dead lifted 285 lbs. for a total of 750 lbs. Sanness took second place in his JV weight class.

Caleb Happel also did well with a squat of 405 lbs., bench press of 300 lbs. and a dead lift of 440 lbs. His total was a career-high 1,145 lbs. It was good for fourth place in his varsity weight class.

"You are probably wondering how he got fourth with that total? It was very close the first place lifter had a total of 1,175 lbs. It was only 30 lbs. that separated first though fourth place," Coach Happel explained.

"It was an incredible day with jaw-dropping results," she exclaimed. "Usually I have a pretty good idea of what the guys can lift, however on Saturday everyone must have eaten their Wheaties, because they all lifted beyond expectations, both mine and more important theirs!

"I want to congratulate each one of these lifters on their success this season. They have all improved drastically through the season and have come home with the results of that hard work and dedication."

Larry, Matt, Zach and Harrison have completed their first season, Caleb has completed his second season and now has his sights set on the U.S. National Powerlifting Meet, which will be held in Wisconsin Dells, Wis., in March.

More details will be available after the qualification meet, which is in Whitehall, Wis.

"Again, a sincere 'Thank You' to all of the parents for their support and for believing in your kids," Coach Happel said.