Alex Engelhardt scores on fast break ahead of Hope Lutheran’s Jason Klug.
Alex Engelhardt scores on fast break ahead of Hope Lutheran’s Jason Klug.
The Lion boys kept their early basketball record unblemished (4-0, 3-0 SEC) with two home league wins and an impressive road victory at Waukon.

SG vs. Hope Lutheran

The Lions defeated the Patriots 72-30 on Dec. 3, the opener for HL and win number two for SG. It was also the first game played on Spring Grove's new shock absorbent floor.

Lion shooters hit 49 percent from the field while holding Hope to 28 percent.

Leading the home team in both scoring and rebounding were Brady Schuttemeier with 17 points plus 9 boards and Chase Grinde who had 17 points, 8 rebounds. Both also had more assists than turnovers - Grinde with 5 assists and Schuttemeier with 3.

Alex Engelhardt scored 14 points and Elliott Cross 12.

Grinde and Engelhardt also sparked the defense with 4 steals each while Cross had 3 thefts. In addition, Grinde led coach Wade Grinde's special defensive category with 7 "hustle points."

Spring Grove showed some marked improvements in their second outing. They hit 46% from beyond the arc (compared to 8% in game one), and limited fouls to 15 (compared to 27).

Lion rebounding was solid as SG out-boarded the Pats 41-26. Defensive boards helped the Lions outscore Hope 15 to 6 in transition. Engelhardt had 6 rebounds with 5 each from Cross, Tanner Sanness and Gabe Solum.

SG was never in trouble, scoring more points in each half (40 and 32) than the Patriots did all night.

As expected, three-time all-conference guard Jason Klug shouldered the scoring and ball-handling load for Hope. He had 18 of his team's 30 points and 3 of the Patriots' 4 assists along with 6 rebounds, 3 steals and 3 blocked shots.

Klug had some help underneath from Andrew Fratzke who had a game-high 10 rebounds and blocked at least 4 shots. The lanky junior looked taller and played taller than his listed program height of 6-foot-4.

SG defenders limited the visitors to mostly perimeter shots. Hope scored 18 of its 30 points from outside. While only four Patriots scored, twice that many Lions put the ball in the basket.

An unusually young group of players donned the red and black. This is the youngest Lion team ever with a primary rotation consisting of no seniors, 3 juniors, 4 sophomores and 2 freshmen. Two additional freshmen complete the varsity roster.

Unlike SG, Hope had a couple of seniors but also started a pair of eighth graders. Freshmen and eighth graders made up half of the Patriots' rotation.

HL does not have a B-team.

ALL FG: SG 49%, HL 28%

3-pt: SG 46% (6-13), HL 21% (3-14)

2-pt: SG 50%, HL 30%

FT: SG 47% (8-17), HL 17% (1-6)

Rebounds: SG 41, HL 26

Turnovers: SG 16, HL 26

Fouls: SG 15, HL 14

INDIVIDUALS: P-points, R-rebounds, A-assists, S-steals, B-blocked shots, H-hustle points, * starters.

*Schuttemeier 17P, 9R, 3A, 1S, 2H; *Grinde 17P, 8R, 5A, 4S, 7H; *Engelhardt 14P, 6R, 2A, 4S, 3H; Cross 12P, 5R, 3S; Sanness 6P, 5R, 1A, 1S; Vickerman 2P, 2R, 2A, 4H; *Kampschroer 2P, 1A, 2H; Jaster 2P, 1R, 1S, 2H; *Solum 5R, 1A, 1S, 3H; also playing Nerstad.

SG vs. LeRoy-Ostrander

A chilly Dec. 6 brought a visit from the L-O Cardinals. In spite of the weather, Lion shooting and rebounding were hot, and ball handling was even better. End result: Spring Grove 74, L-O 28.

SG passers set up shooters with 21 assists while committing only 6 turnovers. That is the fewest team turnovers in 74 games dating back to 2011. Eight Lions chalked up A's on the score sheet, and none had more turnovers than assists.

Dustin Vickerman had a rare double double involving assists. The junior guard came off the bench for 11 points and 11 assists. He is the first Lion boy to achieve double-digit assists in six seasons (Dakotah Rostad had 13 in 2008) and the first with an associated double double in eight years (Chase Stoltz twice in 2006).

SG more than doubled the Cardinals on the boards with a 39-to-19 rebounding margin, leaving L-O with no second-chance points. Ten Lions rebounded led by Brady Schuttemeier with 8 boards and Vickerman with 7.

Facing a 3-2 zone most of the night, SG took advantage of perimeter shots. The Lions hit a strong 40% (10 for 25) from three-point land and out-shot L-O overall 45% to 30%.

Grinde poured in 5 treys (9 attempts) with 3 more threes from Cross (6 attempts).

Four Lions scored in double figures. In addition to Vickerman, Engelhardt had a game-high 19 points. Grinde scored 17 and Cross 10.

The Lions' 13 steals led to a 12-to-4 scoring margin in fast breaks. Grinde led the Lions in steals (4) and had the only blocked shot.

L-O (0-2) had more than twice as many turnovers (23) as baskets (10).

Lions scored the first 7 points and led 22-2 on the way to a 40-11 halftime score.

SG reserves outscored their Cardinal counterparts 25-2. L-O started 2 seniors, 2 juniors and a sophomore with 2 seniors and 2 juniors coming off the bench.

It was the Lions' 24th straight win in the series they now lead 41 to 13.

All-conference senior Zach Royston led the Cardinals with 10 points and 6 rebounds.

With a half dozen Lions scoring between 8 and 11 points, SG used 7 three-point buckets to win the B-team game 67-16. With all the L-O eighth graders playing on the B-team, the Cards do not have an eighth grade team. SG won the seventh grade game 73-13.

ALL FG: SG 45%, L-O 30%

3-pt: SG 40% (10-25), L-O 22% (2-9)

2-pt: SG 49%, L-O 33%

FT: SG 67% (10-15), L-O 50% (6-12)

Rebounds: SG 39, L-O 19

Turnovers: SG 6, L-O 23

Fouls: SG 18, L-O 15

INDIVIDUALS: *Engelhardt 19P, 5R, 2A, 3S, 2H; *Grinde 17P, 4R, 1A, 4S, 1B, 4H; Vickerman 11P, 7R, 11A, 1S, 3H; Cross 10P, 4R, 1A, 2S, 2H; *Brady Schuttemeier 8P, 8R, 2A, 1S, 4H; *Dylan Kampschroer 5P, 4R, 2A, 2S, 4H; Tanner Sanness 2P, 2R, 1A, 1H; Jordan Jaster 2P, 2R, 1A, 1H; *Gabe Solum 2R, 2H; Brock Schuttemeier 1R; Devon Nerstad 1H.

B-team: SG 67, LeRoy-Ostrander 16

ALL FG: SG 55% (27-49), L-O 16% (7-43)

3-pt: SG 64% (7-11), L-O 20% (1-5)

2-pt: SG 53% (20-38), L-O 16% (6-38)

FT: SG 60% (6-10), L-O 50% (1-2)

Rebounds: SG 39, L-O 10

Turnovers: SG 16, :-O 20

Fouls: SG 11, L-O 9

INDIVIDUALS: P-points, R-rebounds, A-assists,S-steals, B-blocked shots, H-hustle points, * starters.

Alex Folz 11P, 4R, 3A, 1S, 1H: Brock Schuttemeier 10P, 7R, 1S, 2H; Ethan Matzke 10P, 6R, 2A, 3S; Jordan Jaster 10P, 5R, 1H; Zach Rains 9P, 3R; Devon Nerstad 8P, 2R, 1A, 2S, 4H; Toby Leahy 5P, 5R, 3A, 2S, 3H; Noah Myhre 2P, 4R, 3A, 1S, 4H; Adin Solum 2P, 2R, 2A, 2H; Cullen Patterson 1R, 1A, 2H

SG at Waukon

Spring Grove's boys passed their second big test of the season at Iowa Class AAA Waukon on Friday, winning 54-42.

The Lions faced their greatest deficit (8 points) late in the third quarter but took the lead with a 12-2 run.

Waukon 6-foot-3 senior guard Parker Hesse totaled 26 points and hit a three to cut the SG lead to 42-40. But the visitors closed the game with a second 12-2 run.

The Indians committed only 5 turnovers through the first three quarters before losing possession 7 times in the final period.

Vickerman (in the Lion starting lineup for the first time after being slowed by a football injury) scored 16 points, rebounded a career-high 9 times and passed out a team-best 5 assists.

Schuttemeier put in 15 points along with 8 rebounds. Vickerman scored 12 of the Lions' 15 points in the third quarter while Schuttemeier scored the team's final 8 points from the field.

Grinde sat out most of the second half in foul trouble but came in to hit 4 of 4 late free throws for the first double-digit spread of a previously very close game. He totaled 9 points while Engelhardt added 8 along with 6 rebounds. Dylan Kampschroer passed out 4 assists with only 1 turnover.

Hesse collected 9 rebounds for Waukon, but SG finished with a narrow 31-to-29 edge on the backboards.

Neither team shot well from three-point range (SG 22%, Waukon 13%), but SG had success passing inside for 18 points against a 2-3 zone defense. The Lions outscored Waukon 36 to 27 in the paint.

SG outscored Waukon by 6 points from the field and by 6 points from the free throw line. The Lions hit twice as many free throws (10 for 15) as the Indians attempted (4 for 5).

The game was tied 12-12 after one quarter, and Waukon led 21-20 at halftime. It was tied again at the end of the third period 35-35 before SG outscored the Indians 19-7 in the final frame.

It was a quality win for the young Lions against an older Waukon playing rotation of 2 seniors, 5 juniors and 1 sophomore.

The 12-point final spread was the greatest of the series in the last seven years. The teams have split their last six meetings with the visiting team winning each time.

SG remained undefeated while Waukon (1-1) suffered its first loss.

The B-team came up 4 points short, 60-56 against a much taller Waukon team.

On Saturday at St. Charles, the eighth grade Lions (3-0) decisively defeated two Class AA opponents. They won 44-22 over St. Charles and 47-26 over La Crescent.

The seventh grade squad (1-3) fell to both St. Charles 40-23 and La Crescent 30-20.

ALL FG: SG 43%, W 34%

3-pt: SG 22% (4-18), W 13% (2-16)

2-pt: SG 57%, W 43%

FT: SG 67% (10-15), W 80% (4-5)

Rebounds: SG 31, W 29

Turnovers: SG 13, W 12

Fouls: SG 13, W 19

INDIVIDUALS: Vickerman* 16P, 9R, 5A, 4H; Schuttemeier* 15P, 8R, 2S, 4H; Engelhardt* 8P, 6R, 2A, 2S, 4H; Grinde* 9P, 2R, 1A, 4H; Cross 6P, 3R, 2S, 3H; Kampschroer* 2R, 4A, 2S; Solum 1R.

SEC Boys Basketball through Dec. 9


Spring Grove 3-0 SEC (4-0 all)

Mabel-Canton 2-1 (3-1 all)

Houston 2-1 (2-1 all)

Lanesboro 2-1 (2-1 all)

Hope Lutheran 0-1 (0-1 all)


Glenville-Emmons 1-1 (3-3 all)

Lyle/Pacelli 1-1 (1-2 all)

Grand Meadow 0-0 (0-0 all)

LeRoy-Ostrander 0-2 (0-2 all)

Schaeffer academy 0-3 (0-4 all)

SG varsity basketball

4-0 (3-0 SEC)

W at Lanesboro 63-55

W vs. Hope Lutheran 72-30

W vs. LeRoy-Ostrander 74-28

W at Waukon 54-42

12-10 Houston

12-13 at Grand Meadow

12-16 Lyle/Pacelli

12-17 Kingsland

12-19 Schaeffer Academy

12-27 vs. Caledonia 6 p.m.

12-30 at Rushford-Peterson 7:30

01-02 Mabel-Canton

01-03 at Fillmore Central (Preston)

01-07 at Lyle/Pacelli (Austin)

01-10 at Hope Lutheran Girls 6:00, boys 7:15 double header

01-11 vs. Randolph, WI 3 p.m. at The Dells

01-13 Lanesboro

01-17 Glenville-Emmons

01-21 at Houston

01-23 at LeRoy-Ostrander

01-27 at Mabel-Canton

01-31 Grand Meadow

02-03 at Lansing Kee

02-06 at Schaeffer Academy

02-08 Southland 4 p.m.

02-14 at Glenville-Emmons

SG B-team basketball

2-1 (2-0 SEC)

W at Lanesboro 40-37

W vs. LeRoy-Ostrander 67-16

L at Waukon 56-60