Kailee Bjerke is fouled beneath the basket versus Schaeffer Academy. Across the lane is SG teammate Lauren Arneson.
Kailee Bjerke is fouled beneath the basket versus Schaeffer Academy. Across the lane is SG teammate Lauren Arneson.
The Lion girls (5-1, 5-0 SEC) extended their Southeast Conference winning streak to 77 games with two lopsided conference victories last week against Lanesboro and Schaeffer Academy.

SG at Lanesboro

Traveling to LHS on Dec. 17, Spring Grove defenders snagged 27 steals, kicked the ball up-court for 24 fast break points and overwhelmed the Burros 64-25.

The Lions also shot a season-high 52% from the field - twice the 26% hit by the home team, which also had no points in transition.

SG sophomore reserve Jordan Anderson came up with a career-high 6 steals. There were 5 thefts from Julianna Sand and 4 each from Aly Folz, Elizabeth Johnson, Lauren Arneson and Nicki Ellingson.

While no Burro scored more than 6 points, three Lions scored in double figures while another had double-digit rebounds.

Arneson led with a career-high 16 points while Johnson added a career-best 15 points and Sand 10. Ellingson scored 8 points and rebounded 10 times.

Eighth grader Lauryn Bohr and freshman Grace Edgington made their varsity debuts with Bohr scoring 3 points and grabbing 2 rebounds. Edgington recorded her first assist.

The Lions were without leading scorer and second leading rebounder Samantha Bratland (14.3 ppg, 8.5 rpg) who is sitting out this week rehabilitating a nagging injury.

SG out-rebounded Lanesboro only 27-26, but the Burros had 35 turnovers to only 15 for the visitors.

Despite good shooting from the field, the Lions failed to hit half of their free throws for a fourth straight game (6 for 14).

SG (4-1, 4-0 SEC) scored the first 7 points and led 38-16 at halftime. LHS sank to 1-7 on the season and 1-3 in the conference.

In the B-team game, the Burros held on for a 37-34 win. B-team stats are online. Lanesboro also won both junior high games 27-14 and 32-14.

varsity numbers

all FG: SG 52%, L 26%

3-pt: SG 25% (2-8), L 14% (1-7)

2-pt: SG 57%. L 29%

FT: SG 43% (6-14), L 46% (6-13)

Rebounds: SG 27, L 26

Turnovers: SG 15, L 35

Fouls: SG 15. L 17

Halftime: SG 38, L 16

INDIVIDUALS: P-points, R-rebounds, A-assists, S-steals, B-blocked shots, H-hustle points, * starter.

*Lauren Arneson 16P, 2A, 4S, 7H; *Elizabeth Johnson 15P, 2R, 4S, 5H; *Julianna Sand 10P, 3R, 2A, 5S, 5H; *Nicki Ellingson 8P, 10R, 1A, 4S, 8H; Jordan Anderson 6P, 6R, 2A, 6S, 1H; *Kailee Bjerke 4P, 1R, 2H; Lauryn Bohr 3P, 2R; Aly Folz 2P, 2R, 1A, 4S, 1H; Kelsey Hermanson 1R, 1A; Grace Edgington 1A.

B-team stats vs. Lanesboro

Burros win 37-34

all FG: SG 38%, L 29%

3-pt FG: SG 0% (0-0), L 50% (2-4)

2-pt FG: SG 38%, L 27%

FT: SG 22% (4-18), L 50% (5-10)

Rebounds: SG 23, L 25

Turnovers: SG 23, L 25

Fouls: SG 10, L 22

Halftime: L 20, SG 13

INDIVIDUALS: *Lauryn Bohr 19P, 8R, 3S, 6H; *Kelsey Hermanson 10P, 9R, 3A, 2S, 13H; *Grace Edgington 3P, 1R, 2A, 6H: *Breanna Lee 2P, 2R, 2S, 6H: *Harlee Gavin 3R, 2A, 1S: Hannah Borreson 2A, 1H

SG vs. Schaeffer Academy

Three days later, SG drubbed visiting SA 59-14. It was the fewest points allowed since limiting the same team to an identical 14 two seasons ago. SA had scored 32 points the previous night in a loss to Alden-Conger.

A combination of Spring Grove man and zone defenses smothered Schaeffer, yielding 26 steals (among 34 SA turnovers). That total included a career-high 6 steals by both Folz and Sand plus 5 thefts from Arneson.

Sand also scored a career-best and game-high 19 points and matched her high of 7 rebounds.

Arneson directed the offense with 6 assists and only 1 turnover and had a double-digit 10 hustle points. Anderson came in for 13 points and a game-high 8 rebounds, both career-high totals.

Nine SG players were credited with rebounds as SG finished with a season-best 21 rebound advantage (39 to 18).

The Grove girls scored the first 5 points and led 33-4 at halftime before adding the first 16 points of

the second half.

SA dropped to 1-6 overall, 0-5 in the conference. SG improved to 5-1 heading into two tough non-conference games in the annual holiday festival.

The Lion B-team (3-2) won 42-27. B-team stats are online. The junior high girls dropped two games at North Winneshiek; scores were unavailable.

varsity numbers

all FG: SG 43%, SA 18%

3-pt: SG 67% (2-3), SA 17% (2-12)

2-pt: SG 41%, SA 18%

FT: SG 56% (5-9), SA 0% (0-2)

Rebounds: SG 39, SA 18

Turnovers: SG 17, SA 34

Fouls: SG 7, SA 9

Halftime: SG 33, SA 4

INDIVIDUALS: *Sand 19P, 7R, 1A, 6S, 8H; Anderson 13P, 8R, 1A, 3S, 2H; *Johnson 8P, 4R, 1A, 2S, 2H; *Bjerke 7P, 5R, 4H; *Ellingson 4P, 7R, 3A, 3S, 4H; *Arneson 4P, 3R, 6A, 5S, 10H; Folz 2P, 2R, 2A, 6S, 1H; Bohr 2P, 1R, 1H; Hermanson 2R, 1S, 2H; Edgington 1H.

B-team stats vs. Schaeffer

SG wins 42-27

all FG: SG 34%, SA 31%

3-pt FG: SG 0% (0-2), SA 38% (3-8)

2-pt FG: SG 35%, SA 29%

FT: SG 53% (8-15), SA 33% (2-6)

Rebounds: SG 23, SA 19

Turnovers: SG 24, SA 37

Fouls: SG 7, SA 12

Halftime: SG 27, SA 19

INDIVIDUALS: *Kelsey Hermanson 13P, 7R, 1A, 7S, 13H; *Lauryn Bohr 12P, 6R, 1A, 4S, 4H; *Grace Edgington 10P, 4R, 4S, 5H; *Breanna Lee 4P, 2R, 1A, 2S, 6H; *Harlee Gavin 3P, 2R, 3A, 1S, 5H; Desirae Brainard 2R, 2S; Hannah Borreson 1H

SEC Girls Basketball as of Dec. 25


Spring Grove 5-0 SEC (5-1 all)

Mabel-Canton 4-1 SEC (5-2 all)

Houston 3-2 SEC (4-4 all)

Hope Lutheran 2-3 SEC (3-5 all)

Lanesboro 1-3 SEC (1-7 all)


Lyle/Pacelli 5-0 SEC (6-0 all)

Grand Meadow 3-2 SEC (3-3 all)

LeRoy-Ostrander 1-4 SEC (2-4 all)

Glenville-Emmons 0-4 SEC (0-5 all)

Schaeffer Academy 0-5 (1-6 all)

Spring Grove Girls Basketball

Varsity scores

5-1 (5 - 0 SEC)

W vs. Hope Lutheran 60-25

W vs. LeRoy-Ostrander 65-45

W at Grand Meadow 47-43

L vs. Waukon 37-45

W at Lanesboro 64-25

W vs. Schaeffer Academy 59-14

12-26 at Caledonia

12-28 vs. Holmen

01-03 at Houston

01-09 Mabel-Canton

01-10 at Hope Lutheran 6 p.m.

01-14 Lyle/Pacelli

01-16 at Glenville-Emmons

01-20 at La Crescent

01-23 Fillmore Central

01-24 at LeRoy-Ostrander

01-26 Lanesboro

01-30 Grand Meadow

02-01 at Rochester Lourdes

02-03 Houston

02-06 at Kingsland

02-07 at Schaeffer Academy

02-11 at Mabel-Canton

02-13 Glenville-Emmons

02-17 Rushford-Peterson

02-21 at Lyle/Pacelli (Lyle)

B-team scores

3-2 (3-1 SEC)

W vs. LeRoy-Ostrander 35-22

W at Grand Meadow 50-15

L vs. Waukon 24-45

L at Lanesboro 34-37

W vs. Schaeffer Academy 42-27