For the first time in eight years, Spring Grove is the school with the most Southeast Conference athletic championships with two and half titles in school year 2011-'12.

It is impressive considering the Lions compete in only five of the 10 SEC sports and won crowns in four of those five endeavors. They were second in the other race.

SG took the football title along with East Division titles in both boys and girls basketball as well the softball championship while sharing that program with Caledonia.

Before this year, SG had qualified for state tournaments only twice, but matched that in 2011-'12 advancing to state this year in both football and girls basketball.

No other SEC team went to state this year, but five athletes made repeat trips to state as individuals -three girl golfers from Lanesboro and one wrestler each from Grand Meadow and LeRoy-Ostrander. There is no SEC wrestling race, but GM and L-O share a grappling program with Southland.

When there are fewer than 10 teams in a sport, SEC standings are kept in one group. When all 10 teams compete in a sport, standings are kept in two divisions with two champions.

In tabulating, a West or East Division championship counts as a half a title (basketball, volleyball) as does tying for a full conference championship (boys golf) and a championship by a team in a two-school shared program (boys track, softball).

A tri-championship counts as a third of a title as does a championship shared by three-schools (GM/L-O/S in girls track).

Several members also participate in shared programs that compete in other conferences. Championships in those other conferences do not count in these tabulations.

After reigning supreme in 2010, Lanesboro has now been a very competitive runner-up for the last two years.

The Burros won their seventh straight girls golf title and a co-championship in boys golf. The boys track title was claimed by the shared Lanesboro/Fillmore Central team.

Making the greatest improvement and the only other school with more than one championship was LeRoy-Ostrander.

The Cardinals won West Division crowns in both volleyball and girls basketball. The SEC girls track champion was Grand Meadow/Leroy-Ostrander/ Southland.

Lyle/Pacelli is fourth, winning the baseball title - the Athletics' first SEC crown in two years,

While Spring Grove moved up from third place in 2010-'11, last year's kingpin, Glenville-Emmons, slipped into a tie for fifth with Mabel-Canton and Houston.

The Wolverines were the West Division boys basketball champions for the second straight season while Mabel-Canton was the East Division volleyball champ - the Cougars' 14th straight conference net crown. Houston was co-champion in boys golf.

With Grand Meadow, (as part of GM/L-O/S), sharing in the girls track title, eight of the 10 league members won or shared a championship with only the two newest members, Hope Lutheran and Schaeffer Academy, denied a seat in the throne room. Schaeffer came close with second-place finishes in baseball and girls track.

SEC Championships '11-'12

(Inside parentheses are numbers of SEC sports in which each member participates)

Spring Grove (5) 2.5 titles

1 football, 1/2 girls basketball,

1/2 boys basketball, 1/2 softball

Lanesboro (8) 2.0 titles

1 girls golf, 1/2 boys track,

1/2 boys golf

LeRoy-Ostrander (8) 1.33 titles

1/2 volleyball, 1/2 girls basketball,

1/3 girls track

Lyle/Pacelli (9) 1.0 title

1 baseball

Glenville-Emmons (8) 0.5 title

1/2 boys basketball

Houston (8) 0.5 title

1/2 boys golf

Mabel-Canton (6) 0.5 title

1/2 volleyball

*Fillmore Central (2) 0.5 title

1/2 boys track

Grand Meadow (8) 0.33 title

1/3 girls track

*Caledonia (1) 0.5 title

1/2 softball

*Southland (2) 0.33 title

1/3 girls track

Schaeffer Academy (6) no titles

Hope Lutheran (4) no titles

*denotes non-SEC schools that compete as part of shared programs with SEC schools.

Since the SEC became a small-school conference, Lanesboro has been the top title-winning team in four of those 10 years.

'02-'03 LeRoy-Ostrander

'03-'04 Spring Grove

'04-'05 Mabel-Canton

'05-'06 Lanesboro

'06-'07 Lanesboro

'07-'08 Lanesboro

'08-'09 Houston

'09-'10 Lanesboro

'10-'11 Glenville-Emmons

'11-'12 Spring Grove