With a unanimous vote on Aug. 9, Southeast Conference (SEC) district superintendents approved the admission of ISD #195 for conference sporting events beginning in 2014-15.

Located at Randolph, Minn., (between Northfield and Cannon Falls), the Randolph School District currently lists 153 students in grades 9-12. That would make the Rockets the largest school in the conference.

The Blue and Orange would blast off one year from now, landing as many as six teams (football, volleyball, boys basketball, girls basketball, softball and baseball) in the midst of SEC schedules.

They also share sports (including Alpine Skiing, Cross Country, Golf, Gymnastics, Swimming, Track & Field and Wrestling) with Cannon Falls and Northfield, which would likely continue as is.

SEC secretary Michelle Anderson spoke with the Herald last week.

"At the August meeting, the superintendents voted to accept Randolph in all the sports that they (the SEC) have available," she stated. "Randolph's superintendent still had to go back to his school board for a formal acceptance of that offer."

The next meeting of the ISD #195 was scheduled for Aug. 19. The Herald has attempted to contact both the ISD# 195 superintendent and its athletic director, but has so far received no comment on the matter.

Will Randolph necessarily send six teams south? The question is not yet settled, but that would be a likely outcome.

"The letter of application, which we received from Randolph last spring said that they were interested in joining our conference in the activities that we have available." Anderson noted.

"I think they'll be looking for other activities as well. That may include things such as Knowledge Bowl and One-Act Play - that's our expectation at this point."

The Rockets are currently the smallest school in the Gopher Conference, where they play volleyball, basketball, baseball and softball.

For football (9-man) opponents, Randolph belongs to the Southern Confederacy. Some of those away games already include extremely long trips.

The distance from Randolph to Lanesboro is approximately 90 miles. Mabel-Canton is 111 miles away. Spring Grove is 117 miles distant.

During the 2012-13 season, the Rockets were 1-8 in football, 4-20 in volleyball, 7-20 in boys basketball, 8-19 in girls basketball, 20-7 in softball and 3-10-1 in baseball.

Randolph played several games last winter with SEC West Division teams. The boys basketball squad played LeRoy-Ostrander twice, Glenville-Emmons twice, Grand Meadow once and Lyle/Pacelli once.

The girls played one game each with Schaeffer Academy, L-O, L/P and G-E.

With the possibility of more SEC schools sharing programs in order to field teams in the near future, the conference may need Randolph just as much as the Rockets need a place to land.

"The SEC directors and superintendents felt that the addition of Randolph would be an important step towards the stabilization, continuation, and enhancement of some of our programs," Anderson said.

"I've been in contact with the superintendent over at Randolph, and as the executive secretary of the SEC, told him I'd be willing to talk to him about attending some of our meetings. We're obviously waiting for word from their school board at this time."